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  • Hello guys !

    I'm selling some stuff that takes place in my storages. So I'm selling those stuffs :

    1. FROGGY Q9 Heal
    2. FROGGY Q11 Blood
    3. Bone Dragon Staff Q9 Air
    4. Everlasting Destroyer Tonic
    5. UNDED Gray Giant
    6. Wintergreen HAMMER x2
    7. Wintergreen DAGGERS x2
    8. Wintergreen SWORD
    9. OS Dragon Kamas Q11 15^50
    10. OS Chaos Axe Q12 15^50
    11. OS Inscribed Chakram Q8 (GOLD) Armor +5 (while casting) - Halves Skill recharge (10%) Sold to Pleikki
    12. OS Eternal Bow Q11 15^50

    Feel free to pm me IG with serious offers.

    IG character : Blanche Stars Spear or Ketuja Eleve Misaki

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