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  • Hello guys !

    I'm selling some stuff that takes place in my storages. So I'm selling those stuffs :

    1. FROGGY Q9 Heal (Sold In-Game)
    2. FROGGY Q11 Blood
    3. Bone Dragon Staff Q9 Air (Sold In-Game)
    4. Everlasting Destroyer Tonic
    5. UNDED Gray Giant
    6. Wintergreen HAMMER x2
    7. Wintergreen DAGGERS x2
    8. Wintergreen SWORD
    9. OS Dragon Kamas Q11 15^50
    10. OS Chaos Axe Q12 15^50
    11. OS Inscribed Chakram Q8 (GOLD) Armor +5 (while casting) - Halves Skill recharge (10%) Sold to Pleikki
    12. OS Eternal Bow Q11 15^50
    13. Celestial Compass Q9 Blood

    Feel free to pm me IG with serious offers.

    IG character : Blanche Stars Spear or Ketuja Eleve Misaki

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