Charrismatic Ascalonians [ChAs] looking for pre searing-oriented players

  • Hello everyone,

    the "Char(r)ismatic Ascalonians" are looking for new members to have a laid back time together in pre-searing.

    Guild structure & History

    The guild was founded by me, as I'm a pre-oriented player that loves to spend time with other people in good old Ascalon.

    I'm a veteran guild wars player and daily enjoying the game after work.

    As the guild was just formed, there is a building-phase happening right now.

    My plan for the guild is simple. Build a place for active pre-oriented players, that like to interact with others to enjoy the beauty of the game.

    Other activities, outside of pre of course are possible, they are just not our planned main activity.

    There is no requirement in terms of experience, everyone is welcome. In terms of the social aspect, you have to be a mature personality, that want's to participate in the community.

    A community discord and guild hall is already available and ready to be used.

    The Alliance

    We are part of the "Dusk Til [DAWN]" alliance.

    Getting in contact

    If you are interested in building up the guild as an officer, or just being a part of it as a member, please get in contact with me!

    You can reach me via the forum or in-game "Robert Norman Ross".

    That's it for now, the thread will be updated whenever there are updates that can be shared.

    Best regards,

    Volti ^^

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