Eye of the North Speedbooking

  • Hello!

    I am looking for someone who runs speedbooking as I wish to max all of the Eye of the North faction titles. Below is my relatively up to date point total for each faction.

    Delver: 72,887

    Vanguard: 60,000 - I can get this one easily enough without speedbooking

    Asuran: 19,875

    Norn: 18,892

    I am willing to discuss rates per book (HM only, no normal mode books); we can discuss rates in game.

    Please contact me in game: T D Has An Assassin

    Edited 2 times, last by T D: HM runs only! Only need enough books to max three of the four. ().

  • Do HM for all - the amount of time it takes is virtually the same NM/HM

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  • Hey man,

    I can provide this service, check out a video I made ;)

    IGN Down U Go
    Not online often so hit me up via direct message