• I'm in Eye of the North area, I would like to know the best place to level for low level pets. I read about death leveling, doesn't seem to work. I have hero's with pets, for fun, and they all got the fresh and was going to enjoy watching them all level up at the same time. Now they are all over the place for when they level. I think they just share the exp I get and not gain exp according to their level vs enemy level. They also don't get quest Exp.:mouse:

  • The best place to level pets is the Nightfall Crystal Desert HM in the worms, plus you can work on your titles there. The additional benefit is they don't take any damage, you can level up 8 pets in no time.

  • If you do the standard SS/LB runs out of The Remains of Sahlajha in HM, the pets will level up generally about a level a run.

    The last level or 2 takes about 1 1/2 - 2 runs each.

    I filled my Zaishen Menagerie 8 pets at a time doing those runs with each character on my account.

    It benefits you to have the LB maxed anyway for farming or other excursions in the latter 1/2 of NF.

    Some time ago, maybe 6 or 7 years now, there was a pet craze. Everyone was doing what you are doing now.

    People realized what kind of damage Dire Pets could do and started using them as part of the entire hero package.

    I think that pvx wiki even had team builds submitted, however most players just preferred to use their own builds with a pet added.

    It was fun and crazy....places like Vizunnah Square were overrun with both minions and pets alike!

    There was nothing like the sight of 16 pets running with their masters to the next battle area.

    Does anyone else remember that phase?

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