farming firebrand

  • Actually, the portal to Kessex Peak from the Black Curtain is the perfect rezone.

    Both times it dropped for me was from the firebrands in the Black Curtain, (2 diff groups) with the charging minotaurs just north of that portal.

    Both times I was doing hard mode too, so IDK if it drops NM.

    Good Luck...I didn't farm it, just ran missions with 2 different friends.

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  • i've been farming this route off and on for last 6 - 7 years with sos rit in nm. i've gotten four green weapons (law and order, 2 x the peacekeeper and holy avenger) and a mini peacekeeper. don't know if it's just my luck or that the drop rate for greens are low. route...leave beetletun and go forward until u see a group of friendly peacekeepers enforcers with a goon. kill them (then turn hostile after dialog) then back up turn left and there will be more to kill in area towards end (firebrands down in that area). do lots of pulling