Gold Trim [Cape] looking for alliance with other small Kurzick guilds

  • I am actually seeking to ally with other small kurzick guilds. Our guild is fully unlocked so new guilds that don't have those resources could benefit from that.

    We are a small happy family of 3 and want this mainly so that when we are doing endgame content we can do so with more people. We play very casually and do not expect to do speed clears, UW, FoW, i.e. often. In fact I am the only daily player, but I would be interested in doing them more often.

    My ingame main is Mahsa Murravel. Hope to hear from some of you, take care.

  • Do you guys actually have a gold trimmed cape? Or is that just the name of the guild?

    Both you and Kaj are welcome to join our large family if you guys are interested. We are a general PvE guild, we do SC's but it's not our main priority. You guys seem like similar-type players with us.