Big Give-away in Shing Jea

  • Hello all!

    I do a give-away once more, but this time its in Shing Jea, polish district.

    When? 02.02 - 20:00 (GMT+1) - check your own timezone pls to not miss the event bc of that!

    How to get stuff? - there will be a gw quiz in 'all' chat and some items I will give-away for the viewers on stream

    What are the prizes? - check out this picture:

    ~ 500 ectos ~ 100+ ghastly summoning stones ~ consets ~ 14 stacks of tot bags ~ el ghostly tonic ~ stack of lockpicks ~ stack of res scrolls ~ stack of zkeys ~ armbrace ~2 stacks of obby shards ~ 2 stacks of dcores ~ wintergreen shield ~ Dhuum's soul reaper ~ tons of pcons( eggs-37stack, fortunes-9 stack, apples-12stack, corn-3stack,pie-5stack)

    See you there!