Req. 8 Tactics Shield

  • Hi

    i'm planning on getting an req. 8 Tactics Shield for my melee Ranger,

    and would like to know how much i need to save for it approx ^^

    Is an Equine Aegis / Diamond Aegis / Woven Shield popular / more expansive?


  • The cheapest one youll be able to find req 8 are normally inscriptable.. i dont think those come insriptable in q8.. at least i know the diamond doesnt and depending on stats could be in the xxx range if you even find a perfect one

  • core req8 /16 shields shouldnt be that much you can get those for around 30-50e (inscr. blue/purple)

    req8 8/16 gold inscr shields are around a few armbraces (depending on skin)

    equine aegis is popular or at least i ve seen a few around, so not too expensive, woven shield i havent seen that many but they are not too expensive because of the skin too i think

    diamond aegis inscr q8/16 would be very rare i guess and a lot of other ppl would be interested so this will be expensive

    oldschool q8/16 shields will cost a lot just because they are very rare with perfect mods

    ign: Ry Gerhardt

  • I’ll add a few infos here , since some of them are (imo) not correct.

    Q8 equine, to my knowledge, only drop in gold insc. This isn’t what I would call a popular skin at all. After 2 years of active collecting for q8, i’ve Seen only 3 of them. And the owners wouldn’t sell them, unless good reasons.

    Q8 woven are the most Comun in your list. Pretty easy to find in blue, and cheap (I wouldn’t Pay more than 2 arms, and 50e seems a nice price). Gold ones are much rare, i haven’t seen many. Count around 10a (depending on curent market).

    About diamond, I never seen any q8 insc, or heard of any. So pretty sure they don’t exist.

    Hope that help, wish you best of luck for this hunt :)

    IG: jacke l eventreur / Moi C Manon

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