Straight Outta Ascalon [PwA]

  • jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuFStraight Outta Ascalon [PwA]jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF

    jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF [PwA] is looking for active Returning or New Players!Our main goal is within Titles,VQ's,HM missions/areas,Daily ZQ,Pre-searing or anything else that concerns PvE, We are returning to speed clears! Show interest and groups will form!jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF
    jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF Speed Clears We DojMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF

    Oolas Lab
    CoF Runs
    VSF and SlaverSC
    DoA And UwSc

    jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF Who can Join?yYRoARu9oXGqyQJ--uTXgsxek8g_J7x_ozldlMdXl3GSoJVEdZBq5-ofxhkw3CEbtFVMArsGzfJJPDiH6a_mCc15NKUzPbR34nsJ1_wEmuKoiRmUNqWQTLeTctAq0x7tMeTaaDMo
    We willingly accept any player that is willing to follow our rules and attempt to at least run or start groups or speed clears within the guild.
    40px-Guild-Logo.png Guild RulesyYRoARu9oXGqyQJ--uTXgsxek8g_J7x_ozldlMdXl3GSoJVEdZBq5-ofxhkw3CEbtFVMArsGzfJJPDiH6a_mCc15NKUzPbR34nsJ1_wEmuKoiRmUNqWQTLeTctAq0x7tMeTaaDMo

    • 1: No starting arguments and fights between fellow PwA or Alliance Members
    • 2: No Spamming in Guild Chat / Alliance Chat / Local Chat (when in guild halls)
    • 3: No excessive use of CAPITAL letters in message on the above mentioned chat rooms
    • 4: Respect the Corps of Officers, Members, and Allies
    • 5: Do not scam other players in the game
    • 6: Always act in the benefit of the guild and its members. (Do your part)
    • 7: Officers are strictly forbidden to promote someone without approval of Leader/Co-Leader
    • 8: Always put in your daily requirement
    • 9: Never leave in the middle of a group w/ guild or ally members
    • 10: Be Active
    • 11: Have Fun!

      jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuFAll You Have to do to join is either PM me in game (Suns Sin) or on here!jMktciW6K7hOa-Q3bKYUoferlWw0uNvD6VQzxOftQc-y9PV5Qopu9bz3oCQrrCqODGRzUh9M895PrDyvkVlDzthllw3_Xr7p8kIN32rxKqNFKgjx8KyDN9QXHmlXEkkNLqNC4PuF

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  • Hey, it's Grant (Miho/Tifa) from EviL; want to join an Alliance?

    IGN: Aria Moonshot

    Leader of "The War Against [EviL]"

    - Started May '06