WTB Mini / Tonic (Also giving away ecto to those that help) CLOSED

  • Hi all! I will pay well for bulk, I need many of each, I am preparing for a tonic + mini party / giveaway where I give out sips of tonics and a matching mini to use while we all chill. Let me know how much you want per item. I will pay more for the minis and tonics that stack up together. For instance 2 miniature freezies in a stack is worth more to me then 2 separate freezies. Thanks in advance for all your help! If you are low on cash too let me know I can throw you an extra ecto or two.


    WTB Minis

    Charr Shaman, Gwen, Prince Rurik, Shiro, Elf, Koss, Abyssal, Cave Spider, Mursaat, Freezie, Ooze, Black Beast, White Rabbit, Mad King Thorn, Jora, Eye of Janthier, Oola, Mox, Livia

    WTB EL Tonic

    Livia, Vekk, Jora, Koss, Mox, Pyre Fierceshot, Zhed Shadowhoof, Gwen, Miku, Shiro, Prince Rurik, Slightly Mad King, Ooze, Trapdoor, Phantasmal, Unseen, Abyssal, Searing, Cerebral


    Gelatanous, Phantasmal, Unseen, Abyssal, Searing, Cerebral, Beetle Juice, Yuletide, Mysterious, Frosty, Cottontail, Sinister

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