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  • if you want the prenerf runes hit me in game

    IGN Alexander Masticus

  • Do you still want the q9 bladed, PM if you do.

    • Do you take zcoins 1:1? I'm fresh out of ecto

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    • yeah we can do that i'll just convert them in kama, pm me in-game if you want. -- Junta Khann

  • Add and pm me ingame for the q10 bladed shield. Cba holding on to it any longer.

  • ..

  • Hey dude! Add me on discord to find a time for us to trade? Name is Aiomon#0309. In GW1 I am Aiomon Talyar!

    I'm not insanely active, so I might be hard to reach in GW1 (for Jora, Miku, Prince Rurik, Jora, and Ooze)! <3