pls CLOSE - PC - Oni, Crenellated swords, Ghostly staff

  • While these skins are generally well-liked, these particular items won't see much interest. The illusion ghostly staff lacks an inherent mod, and the blood ghostly has an undesired inherent (condition reduction).

    Crenellated is a high req with an undesired inherent. I would merch this and both ghostly staves.

    The oni is the best one here, but will still be difficult to sell due to being req11. I'd say maybe a couple ectos if someone really wants it. But it's probably not gonna be worth the time it takes to find a buyer. I'd merch or keep for personal use.

    IGN: Vengeful Was Unholy

    WTB Pre-nerf Greens -> Information

  • the illu ghostly staff is a clean item and there is a collector for those items - in his exel sheet he's also missing the illu ghostly staff. If you haven't merched it yet ask him:

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