• In an effort to expand upon the ever-growing knowledge base surrounding "pre-nerfs," I have put together this list with what is currently known about pre-nerf green (unique) weapons. Please see these other threads for their respective pre-nerf information: Weapons, Shield & Focus, Runes & Miscellaneous

    "Pre-nerf," by and large, refers to anything produced in-game before the release of Nightfall and that is also not able to be produced currently or since. There are exceptions and slight variations, of course, and these will be outlined in their respective threads.

    As far as pre-nerfs go, green pre-nerfs are a relatively new discovery. Because of that, this list is still very much a work in progress and future updates and/or changes to what is believed to be true can and should be expected to happen. As with other pre-nerf threads, if you can provide proof of something not currently documented here (or proof against something that is), please feel free to contribute.

    There are hundreds of different green weapons in the game. I'll start by narrowing it down:

    • Prophecies greens (with the exception of Deldrimor Talisman & War In Kryta greens) are all eligible to have a pre-nerf version.
    • Factions greens (with the exception of most Amulet of the Mists greens & most Winds Of Change greens) are eligible to have a pre-nerf version.
    • No Nightfall pre-nerf greens are currently known or believed to exist.
    • No Eye of the North pre-nerf greens are currently known or believed to exist.

    Most non-green pre-nerf weapons have a single identifier: their stats.

    Because green weapons always come with a pre-set "package," they have a few more things to take into consideration:

    • Stats
    • Mod Order
    • Color

    A change in any of these is enough to be pre-nerf. Some greens may only have a change in one, while others show a change in all three.

    In addition, some greens may also show different differences for the same item. Yes, you read that right.

    While most greens will only have two versions (the pre-nerf and the current/post-nerf), some greens are known or believed to have three versions. This is because there were multiple updates that changed these items at different times (whether this was intentional or more of an unintended byproduct is unknown). For a green weapon to have three versions, it's currently believed that it must:

    1. Show some kind of mod order change between the versions
    2. AND
    3. Show some kind of color change between the versions

    Because of this, only some green staves from Factions (and Kepkhet's Refuge) are currently thought to have three versions, but other examples may exist.

    A breakdown of the differences would look like this:

    1. Current/post-nerf version: Current stats, mod order, and colors. Able to be dropped in-game still.
    2. "Original"/pre-nerf/2nd version: These green items will have both a different color and a different mod order when compared to their current/post-nerf counterpart. These dropped from the time of their release until about a month or two before Nightfall.
    3. Pre-nerf/3rd version: These green items will have the same color as their current counterpart, but the same mod order as the original pre-nerf. These dropped for the last month or two before the release of Nightfall.

    A few confirmed examples of all 3 can be found in the list below.

    The following is the list of greens currently known to have at least one pre-nerf version confirmed in-game. Please keep in mind that this list is incomplete. Additional entries will be added as they are discovered and confirmed. Imagery for many of them is still a work-in-progress and will be completed/updated soon.

    CONFIRMED: 116 (41 Prophecies, 75 Factions)

    qlaXjXM.pngOgre-Slaying KnifeColor change (weapon)9zxXqwZ.png
    qlaXjXM.pngVicto's MaulColor change (weapon)RW6al81.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngKepkhet's RefugeColor change (weapon) &
    Mod order change (three
    versions exist
    Sg1p0r6.pngWenslauss' FaithMod order changesjjn7w4.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngBrohn's StaffMod order changecH5oDrI.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngGardock's StaffColor change (weapon)XnFYX88.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngThe YakslapperColor change (weapon)CYEagrX.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngWroth's Holy RodColor change (weapon) &
    completely different stats
    Sg1p0r6.pngBrohn's Holy RodColor change (weapon)xdVuRXm.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngThe StonehartColor change (weapon)KiPp4qe.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngThe SoulstoneColor change (weapon)ds0Gm4a.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngWenslauss' ChaliceColor change (weapon)kHK5hUo.png
    5XcLO26.pngMilius' PillarMod order changeK5gRXi6.png
    5XcLO26.pngRunar's Brimstone StaffColor change (weapon)m8y1v50.png
    5XcLO26.pngFlint's FleshcleaverColor change (weapon)mJO68FD.png
    5XcLO26.pngGaligord's RodColor change (weapon)B7wpBnW.png
    5XcLO26.pngBrimstone WandColor change (weapon)QXvyIXO.png
    5XcLO26.pngRago's Flame WandColor change (weapon)Qk1GkYj.png
    5XcLO26.pngGaligord's Stone ScrollColor change (weapon)7zpUxtJ.png
    5XcLO26.pngThe BrimstoneColor change (weapon)PP91fks.png
    5XcLO26.pngFlint's ArtifactColor change (weapon)0hDGzm3.png
    fP3X67J.pngKole's TormentMod order changelxGvZei.png
    fP3X67J.pngFleshweaverColor change (weapon)z7lF55K.png
    fP3X67J.pngGordac's NeedleColor change (weapon)uD4uBBZ.png
    fP3X67J.pngThe ShadestoneColor change (weapon)XDZjMWd.png
    fP3X67J.pngBortak's Bone CestaColor change (weapon)bL8Jz4y.png
    fP3X67J.pngKole's GauntletColor change (weapon)HELq8Sb.png
    fP3X67J.pngFrozen FanColor change (weapon &
    ygHbZVQ.pngIllyana's StaffMod order changewM1M6np.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngGorrel's StaffMod order changeJQpQvR2.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngVokur's StaffColor change (weapon)fn6lVE6.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngHandsmasherColor change (weapon)7ml48rV.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngWillcrusherMod order changekwE2WjV.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngGorrel's CaneColor change (weapon)iW2s6SI.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngVokur's CaneColor change (weapon)kDeQOaq.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngForgotten FanColor change (weapon &
    ygHbZVQ.pngIllyana's MirrorColor change (weapon)NAy1Qqd.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngKorvald's ChakramColor change (weapon)rxdI2Xm.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngGarbok's ChaliceColor change (weapon)ZOnHQDe.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngVokur's ChakramColor change (weapon)YLpNVCb.png
    qlaXjXM.pngKai's SwordColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngSskai's SwordColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngVeraColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngThe StonebreakerColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngThe Ugly StickColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngKanaxai's MalletColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngWing's AxeColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngIronclawColor change (weapon)11JSy35.png
    qlaXjXM.pngStrongroot's ShelterColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngTarnen's ShieldColor change (weapon)mJbzqPR.png
    qlaXjXM.pngMerki's GazeColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngBaubao's ShellColor change (weapon &
    qlaXjXM.pngJacqui's AegisColor change (weapon &
    yHhyznH.pngRazortongue's Recurve BowColor change (weapon)CBrrPeU.png
    yHhyznH.pngSwiftscale's ShortbowColor change (weapon &
    yHhyznH.pngNundak's Recurve BowColor change (weapon)pyJBMHI.png
    yHhyznH.pngRyver's ShortbowColor change (weapon &
    Sg1p0r6.pngZiinjuu's SanctuaryCompletely different statsiqrtd49.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngKaolin Protection StaffColor change (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    Sg1p0r6.pngJayne's StaffColor change (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    Sg1p0r6.pngStoneweaverColor change (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    Sg1p0r6.pngScourgewind's BranchColor change (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    Sg1p0r6.pngThe Scar EaterColor change (weapon)GwE2p8O.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngHukhrah's StaffColor change (weapon) &
    mod order change
    Sg1p0r6.pngZiinfaun's BeliefColor change (weapon)YFuu6tz.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngWayward Wand (Divine/Prot)Different stats & dmg type0NYbL19.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngWayward Wand (Divine/Heal)Different Stats & dmg typewC93a5z.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngByzzr's BenedictionDifferent color (weapon)D05Mg9D.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngIncetol's FocusDifferent color (weapon)93nWDFM.png
    Sg1p0r6.pngShen's CensureDifferent color (weapon)OwShavI.png
    5XcLO26.pngKaolin Water StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    5XcLO26.pngKoosun's Fire StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    5XcLO26.pngZarnas' WrathDifferent color (weapon & icon)g4255DJ.png
    5XcLO26.pngLian's LanternDifferent color (weapon)iCaIO5y.png
    5XcLO26.pngSnapjaw's PowerstoneDifferent color (weapon)PiGmKip.png
    5XcLO26.pngTarlok's FlagonDifferent color (weapon &
    fP3X67J.pngMilthuran's StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    fP3X67J.pngKyril's FervorDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    fP3X67J.pngKaolin Accursed StaffDifferent color (weapon & icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    fP3X67J.pngThe StonereaperDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    fP3X67J.pngGhial's StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    fP3X67J.pngWoe SpreaderDifferent color (weapon &
    fP3X67J.pngBazzr's WailDifferent color (weapon &
    fP3X67J.pngRot's PutrescenceDifferent color (weapon)TBgOgaY.png
    fP3X67J.pngSourbeak's TaintDifferent color (weapon)ccPKP6T.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngKaolin Domination StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    ygHbZVQ.pngKenrii's SorrowDifferent color (weapon &
    icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    ygHbZVQ.pngSiska's StaffDifferent color (weapon & icon) & mod order changeLzVfDeH.pngbKQyaVj.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngTalous' StaffDifferent color (weapon & icon) & mod order changekuZUq1S.pngmgaZrSD.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngWingstormDifferent color (weapon)XJ9NlH2.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngWayward Wand (Dom/Insp)Different statsBZcWE6F.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngThe Time EaterDifferent color (weapon)ZtlMcKE.png
    ygHbZVQ.pngThe PurifierDifferent color (weapon)f3GCQf6.png
    TdzVh4Y.pngTahkayun's PincersDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngChkkr's PincersDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngShreader's TalonsDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngDaggers of XuekaoDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngKenshi's Butterfly DaggersDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngKaolin DaggersDifferent color (weapon &
    TdzVh4Y.pngEverthorn's ChakramsDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngRitual Lord's StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngSpiritgarden's ReposeDifferent color (weapon & icon) & mod order change
    (three versions exist)
    fhHzWma.pngOrosen's StaffDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngSsyn's StaffDifferent color (weapon & icon)Z2Llqq4.png
    fhHzWma.pngMossbeard's WandDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngWayward Wand (Spawn/Resto)Different statsMLw4OjJ.png
    fhHzWma.pngKaolin WandDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngVengeance SeekerDifferent color (weapon &
    fhHzWma.pngThe Pain EaterDifferent color (weapon &

    This list is for potential pre-nerfs (those believed to have a pre-nerf version but have not yet been confirmed in-game).

    Potential: 72 (3 Prophecies, 69 Factions)

    CampaignProfessionWeapon TypeNameConfirmed?DescriptionImage
    PropheciesWarrior(None thought to
    remain. See next list below.)
    Ranger(None thought to
    remain. See next list below.)
    MonkStaffIvor's StaffNoColor change (weapon)?
    ElementalistFocusThe KindlerockNoColor change (weapon)?
    NecromancerStaffBortak's Bone StaffNo (only a screenshot)Color change (weapon)?TBA
    Mesmer(None thought to
    remain. See next list below.)
    FactionsMultipleStaffFaithNo (only a screenshot)Different stats (missing mod)?TBA

    WarriorSwordQuivering BladeNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    SwordKaolin BladeNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    AxeRazorfin's AxeNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    HammerSentasi's Jade HammerNoColor change (weapon & icon)?

    ShieldArrahhsh's AegisNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    RangerBowBrrne's Recurve BowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowChehbaba's LongbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowChkkr's FlatbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowInallay's HornbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowKaolin LongbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowLorelle's LongbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowMeynsang's LongbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowNandet's Recurve BowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowRazorjaw's HornbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    BowUrgoz's FlatbowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    MonkStaffSsuns' Staff (2nd & 3rd)NoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change?
    Three versions are thought to exist.
    StaffKaolin Protection Staff (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    StaffJayne's Staff (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    StaffStoneweaver (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    StaffScourgewind's Branch (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    StaffHukhrah's Staff (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    WandMungri's FlameNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusKy's ChaliceNoColor change (weapon)?
    ElementalistStaffSanhan's StaffNoCompletely different stats? (Similar to
    Ziinjuu's Sanctuary
    StaffAmadis' Air StaffNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change?
    StaffArbor's Earth Staff (2nd & 3rd)NoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change?
    Three versions are thought to exist.
    StaffKunvie's Air Staff (2nd & 3rd)NoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change?
    Three versions are thought to exist.
    StaffKaolin Water Staff (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    WandBahnba's ScepterNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandSeacrash's InfluenceNoColor change (weapon)?TBA
    WandShatterstoneNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandThe StonebreakerNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusBizzr's FuryNoColor change (weapon)?TBA
    NecromancerStaffThe DarkwishNoColor change (weapon)?
    StaffKaswa's Gluttony (2nd & 3rd)No (only a screenshot)Color change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change?
    Three versions are thought to exist.
    StaffKyril's Fervor (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.
    FocusChan's GreedNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusKkraz's IndulgenceNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    MesmerStaffKaolin Domination Staff (3rd)No3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version
    already confirmed.

    StaffMilefaun's StaffNo (only a screenshot)Mod order change?TBA
    StaffSiska's Staff (3rd)NoMod order change. 3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version already confirmed.TBA
    StaffSwiftspell's StaffNoMod order change?
    StaffTalous' Staff (3rd)NoMod order change. 3rd version thought to exist. 2nd version already confirmed.
    WandThe Dream HaunterNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandMina's GazeNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandPhi's WisdomNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandWayward Wand (Illu/Insp)NoDifferent stats
    FocusDeeproot's SorrowNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusHanaku's FocusNoColor change (weapon)?
    FocusMohby's ArtifactNoColor change (weapon)?
    AssassinDaggerArius' SaiNo (only a screenshot)Color change (weapon & icon)?
    Mod order change? (Based on an
    old screenshot. This would be the
    only non-staff with a mod order change
    if confirmed.
    DaggerFalaharn's Split ChakramsNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    DaggerOnata's ShardsNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    DaggerShrouded Oni DaggersNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    DaggerSsaresh's Kris DaggersNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    DaggerRazorfang's ClawsNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    DaggerUrkal's KamasNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    RitualistStaffBazzr's StaffNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandBrightclawNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    WandSpiritspeakerNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusCho's ViceNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusThe Skill EaterNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusSoulwhisper's GuardianNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusSpiriteaterNoColor change (weapon & icon)?
    FocusSseer's WishNoColor change (weapon & icon)?

    This third chart lists all the remaining Prophecies & Factions greens which are thought to not have a pre-nerf version.

    My reasoning for this is as follows:

    For martial weapons, wands & foci:

    1. There are none confirmed to exist so far with a mod order change. (Arius' Sai is the strongest candidate to be an exception to this, but seems a one-off.) There is an old screenshot of the Bludgeoner hammer with a different mod order than the current one. However, this screenshot features the outdated 10/10 Sundering mod. Just before Factions, item drop tables were improved to offer higher quality mods. We also have an image from this time period of Gordac's Needle (which had a +3 energy mod and a different mod order) AND a proven Gordac's Needle pre-nerf currently. The pre-nerf has a +5 energy mod, and the same mod order as the current Needle. From this we can conclude that this particular update was retroactive in nature -- affecting all previously-created greens. This leaves only one remaining identifier: color.
    2. When comparing the following greens to the base skin of the item, we can see no differences. For example: Thorgall's Shield uses the skin of a Tall Shield (which is dyeable, for what it's worth). Comparing Thorgall's to any given undyed Tall Shield shows no differences. There is no precedent in other confirmed pre-nerf greens of a dyed item turning into an undyed item. So, we can conclude that any green martial weapon, wand or focus without a mod order change (all of them, so far) that uses the base/undyed color of that item's skin will not have a pre-nerf version.

    "But wait, what about staves?"

    1. Some staves like Galigord's Stone Staff and Rago's Flame Staff look like they could have a pre-nerf, right? Their current mods/order match those of several pre-nerf staves found in Factions. So why can't we just flip the last two mods and assume they exist? Other SF staves like Willcrusher, Brohn's Staff and Gorrel's Staff all have mod order changes but no color changes (as they use the base skin). So we know mod order changes on SF staves are possible.
    2. However, The Yakslapper (which has the same mod layout as Rago/Galigord's Staff), has a color change but no mod order change. We know from other pre-nerf staves that a color change will always precede a mod order change. (In the case of +30+30 staves from Factions, it's thought the two 30s simply swap, despite not really appearing different). If The Yakslapper's color change is not forcing a mod order change, then it's reasonable to think that the only other identifier left for these staves is color. And, similar to martial weapons above, these staves are using the default color for their skins, and so no pre-nerf should be possible.

    That was super wordy, but I'm not sure how else to explain it. May update in the future.

    Another, more succinct explanation for staff mod order changes is given by Oldschool Cool: TBA

    Until proven otherwise, these do not have a pre-nerf version:

    CampaignProfessionWeapon TypeName
    Prophecies:WarriorSwordGrognar's Blade
    SwordGrognar's Sword
    SwordVicto's Blade
    HammerThe Ice Breaker
    HammerMalinon's Malign Hammer
    HammerMalinon's Skull Crusher
    HammerThorgall's Stone Smasher
    AxeTanzit's Cleaver
    AxeTotem Axe
    AxeVicto's Battle Axe
    ShieldGrognar's Defender
    ShieldMalinon's Shield
    ShieldTanzit's Defender
    ShieldThorgall's Shield
    ShieldVicto's Bulwark
    RangerBowBoulderbeard's Shortbow
    BowDrago's Flatbow
    BowDrago's Vampiric Flatbow
    BowElswyth's Longbow
    BowElswyth's Recurve Bow
    BowGargash's Recurve Bow
    BowGraygore's Shortbow
    BowGraygore's Zealous Shortbow
    BowRotwing Recurve Bow
    BowStoneherder's Flatbow
    BowTarnok's Longbow
    BowTarnok's Recurve Bow
    BowThornbeard's Horned Bow
    MonkWandGordac's Holy Rod
    WandIvor's Smiting Rod
    FocusIvor's Icon
    FocusWroth's Icon
    ElementalistStaffGaligord's Stone Staff
    StaffRago's Flame Staff
    WandFlint's Wand
    FocusMilius' Eye
    NecromancerStaffMorgriff's Staff
    StaffVillnar's Staff
    WandMorgriff's Scepter
    WandVillnar's Claw
    FocusGordac's Hook Blood
    FocusVillnar's Glove
    MesmerWandGarbok's Cane
    WandKorvald's Cane
    FocusThe Rockmolder
    Factions:MultipleWandWayward Wand - all except:
    FocusStraw Effigy (all)
    -unless someone can provide
    proof of one with mixed attributes
    WarriorSwordKanaxai's Edge
    SwordRajazan's Fervor
    SwordShiro's Sword
    HammerGavel of the Nephilim
    HammerHanjuu's Bludgeoner
    AxeDragoncrest Axe
    AxeKanaxai's Axe
    AxeCho Wei's Axe
    ShieldExalted Aegis (Strength & Tactics)
    ShieldGeoffer's Bulwark
    ShieldReefclaw's Refuge
    RangerBowIronwing Flatbow
    BowIronwing Longbow
    BowUrgoz's Longbow
    BowUrgoz's Shortbow
    BowAhvha's Longbow
    BowJin's Hornbow
    FocusMiella's Focus
    FocusRien's Sacrifice
    FocusFeng's Focus
    ElementalistWandWhyk's Wand
    WandAuri's Wand (low-level)
    FocusChung's Focus
    FocusThe Windcatcher
    NecromancerWandThe Deathkeeper
    WandYingko's Claw
    FocusKonrru's Fervor
    MesmerStaffSulmeng's Staff (low-level)
    WandBaozo's Wand (low-level)
    AssassinDaggerCeremonial Daggers
    DaggerDarkroot's Daggers
    DaggerLou's Karambits
    DaggerShiro's Blades
    DaggerUngues of the Oni
    DaggerPei's Blades (low-level)
    RitualistStaffMiki's Staff (low-level)
    StaffTin Dao's Staff (low-level)

    FocusQuansong's Focus
    FocusTattered Fan

  • Almost all images have been updated to the newer format & higher quality. They should all be clickable now too.

    Went through and corrected the counts for confirmed and potential greens. Also fixed some images that had the wrong item shown...

    Added 10 new items to the list!

    1. Wenslauss' Chalice -- All Tombs greens (that should have a prenerf) are now confirmed!
    2. Kaolin Accursed Staff (2nd version) -- All 3 Kaolin Accurseds are now confirmed.
    3. Spiritgarden's Repose (2nd version) -- All 3 Spiritgarden's are now confirmed.
    4. Ghial's Staff (3rd version) -- All 3 Ghial's now confirmed.
    5. Kenrii's Sorrow (3rd version) -- All 3 Kenrii's now confirmed.
    6. Talous' Staff (2nd version)
    7. Zarnas' Wrath -- One of the very few greens that had a specific mention about a color change on its wiki page long ago. Finally confirmed after all this time.
    8. Ssyn's Staff
    9. Siska's Staff (2nd version) -- Color swap on this one seems to match the color swap on Ssyn's Staff. Confirming the old screenshot we found for the stat swap.
    10. Snapjaw's Powerstone -- All three storm artifact pre-nerfs are now confirmed! Colors here match those of The Brimstone (pre & post).

    There should be just 5 left to go for Prophecies and a lot left still for Factions. The remaining confirmed items with "TBA" still are ones I've personally confirmed in-game, but are either customized or not mine. Will work on getting images for them.

    Thanks, lads <3

  • Added 3 new confirmations to the list:

    • Fleshweaver (necro staff, prophecies): prenerf color matches the proposed (in the original research thread) prenerf color found in an old screenshot. Stats, order and icons are all identical.
    • Gardock's Staff (monk staff, prophecies): prenerf color matches the proposed (in the original research thread) prenerf color found in an old screenshot. Stats, order and icons are all identical.

    (Pretty sure we're down to just 3 remaining prophecies prenerfs!)

    • Ironclaw (axe, factions): This one was a big surprise. I had originally listed it as "this done not have a prenerf until proven otherwise." Only the little stylized red lines on the blade change color. The prenerf Ironclaw matches the colors on any basic gothic axe, but the postnerf Ironclaw has slightly darker lines. I thiiink this is the first instance of an undyeable martial having this sort of change? It seems to match The Yakslapper's sort of one-off weirdness. (The base skin for The Yakslapper, "Sacred Staff", I think matches that of the prenerf version, and the postnerf seems to have the differing color.)
      • Will try to get a better picture at some point, or just replicate with a regular gothic. The prenerf I confirmed was customized (sad react). The icons for the two are identical as far as I can tell.
      • I'm still pretty confident that most, if not all, remaining items listed as "not having a prenerf" won't actually have a prenerf. What I can prob do is run through them again and check postnerf versions vs. base skins. If others *don't* match (like Ironclaw/Gothic Axe), then there may be a chance.

    I still need to get around to some general thread cleanup and uploading some kind of image for the other confirmed TBAs from earlier. Hopefully that will help with finding some uncustomized versions.

    M u c h T h a n k & E n j o y

  • No brand new confirmations with this update, but I've added images for the following 9 greens previously marked TBA.

    1. Kaolin Protection Staff (2nd version) (monk staff, factions)- added image of color and mod changes now that I have one.
    2. Rago's Flame Wand (ele wand, prophecies) - very noticeable color difference. icon/stats are identical
    3. Kanaxai's Mallet (hammer, factions) - slight color difference in weapon and icon (most noticeable in the "silver" top of the hammer in the icon vs the darker "black" top in the icon of the postnerf. stats are the same.
    4. Swiftscale's Shortbow (factions) - very slight color difference in the green wraps. difference more noticeable in the prenerf icon. stats identical
    5. Nundak's Recurve Bow (factions) - slight difference in the red handle of the bow. stats/icon identical
    6. Ryver's Shortbow (factions) - very slight color difference in the entire bow, more noticeable in the prenerf icon (lighter/whiter in color).
    7. The Purifier (mez focus, factions) - color change in the weapon itself. stats/icons identical
    8. Everthorn's Chakrams (factions) - unfortunately no image of the weapon for now, but very noticeable difference in the icons.
    9. Vengeance Seeker (rit wand, factions) - color change in weapon/icon. prenerf is a brighter blue in both. stats identical.

    Items 2-9 are owned by and/or customized to their respective owners. Thanks to them for either providing screenshots (swiftscale/nundak) or loaning them to me temporarily (rago's flame wand). The rest are the best I can do with quick screenshots I've taken in the past, but hopefully that will help some extras of them turn up.

    Keep a lookout. Thanks <3