Vanquisher/Missions/EotN Title Hunter Service and HoM Runs

  • Hello to all :)

    I am getting tired of advertising in Kamadan. So I have set up this page and am hoping it can save me the time of having to hang out in Kamadan while trying to offer a service. Peace and Love everybody!

    We offer General Running to All Outposts:

    EotN Tour-40e

    Prophecies Tour(Inculding Sanctum Cay for Desert outposts)-250e

    Canthan Tour (Cho to Shiro/All Outposts)-250e

    Desolation Run (To Vabbi)-80e

    *For any runs you are allowed to be afk and will be given a vamp weapon if you do not have one in case of connection issues or player error ruesulting in death*

    -All Runs will be completed in timely manner or payment refunded-

    We Offer a Mission Service at a fixed price of 20e for NM Missions and 25e for HM Missions.

    *For all Missions you are allowed to afk unless previously discussed by the runner during planning(only a few missions require assistance)*

    -You will be given a vamp weapon if you dont have one-

    We Offer Full Heroes Handbook Runs and Speedbook Runs:

    -A full Heroes Handbook takes just under two hours to complete and offers a player 30k points towards a Northern Title of your choice-200e/run

    -A Speedbook takes about 10 minutes and offers 3k points per book at 18k points per hour-20e/run

    *You can Afk In most of these missions*

    -Again, A dual vamp Weapon will be given incase of afk + death-

    Deep NM/HM Runs 125e/250e

    DoA NM Runs 250e

    FoW NM Runs 100e

    Our runners will let you know the outposts needed for your run ingame or via discord it is your responsibility to make sure these outposts are unlocked failure to do so will result in mapping charges negotiated at the time with the runner designated to you.

    If you order multiple services we may spread out your service request so I can serve multiple clients and give everyone a chance at their title(s) this will be shown in the waiting list below.

    Failure/DC's - if the runner performing the service for you disconnects and is unable to reconnect we will restart the service free of charge and we will cover any consumables WE have used during the run. If You disconnect for whatever reason and are unable to get online you will be required to pay the appropriate consumables used before the run will be restarted (Cons 4e/ea, Tengu 3e/ea, Pcons 2e/30mins).

    We are only human if for whatever reason the runner has failed to complete the service a full refund of any down payment will be given and all consumables used during the attempts will be covered by the runner, each runner will have a minimum of 2 attempts at any service being performed before an abandonment is decided.

    Real Life - This of course will take a priority for both us and you if for whatever reason you need to leave mid run/the runner needs to go, or we cannot complete your service at the agreed dates or you cannot attend for whatever reason the selected dates as much notice as possible will be given in the event of urgent departure/last minute changes providing the reason for which is adequate no charge will be administered and we will restart/reschedule free of charge.


    These are one of our preferred services to run, zones of adequate size will be ran using full conset and tengu summoning stone to speed the run up. If you are looking for 10+ zones and a package that suits you is not listed here please PM ME via discord and we can work out a tailored package price.

    AFK - you are more than welcome to go AFK during any of the vanquishes we are running for you however you will be required to have a DUAL VAMP weapon equipped at all times during the VQ, if you cannot equip a dual vamp we will supply one, a refundable deposit of 30e must be paid before dual vamp is handed over which will be returned to you when the dual vamp is handed back.


    Kurzick Package - 25x Drazach Thicket = 700e (50e Discount)
    Luxon Package - 25x Mount Qinkai = 450e (50e Discount)

    Vanguard Package - 5x Grothmar Wardowns = 115e (10e Discount)
    Norn Package - 5x Varajar Fells = 215e (10e Discount)
    Asura Package - 5x Riven Earth = 150e ( 10e Discount)
    Deldrimor Package - 5x Secret Lair Of The Snowmen HM = 75e

    EoTN VQ Pack - All Eotn Listed VQ's - 467e Tyria VQ Pack - All Proph Listed VQ's - 1250e (23.14e/Zone)
    Cantha VQ Pack - All Cantha Listed VQ's - 750e (22.73e/Zone)
    Elona VQ Pack - All Elona Listed VQ's - 1090e (32e/Zone)
    Elona No Deso Pack - All Elona Listed Except Desolation - 710e (26.3e/Zone)

    Individual VQ's



    Ascalon Foothills - 15e
    Diessa Lowlands - 35e
    Dragons Gullet - 25e
    Eastern Frontier - 25e
    Flame Temple Corridor - 22e
    Old Ascalon - 30e
    Pockmark Flats - 32e
    Regent Valley - 25e
    The Breach - 22e

    Northern Shiverpeaks

    Anvil Rock - 22e
    Deldrimor Bowl - 20e
    Griffons Mouth - 15e
    Iron Horse Mine - 22e
    Travelers Vale - 20e

    Kryta (Please note you must not have WIK active)

    Cursed Lands - 18e
    Kessex Peak - 35e
    Majestys rest - 25e
    Nebo Terrace - 20e
    North Kryta Province - 25e
    Scoundrels Rise - 15e
    Stingray Strand - 20e
    Talmark Wilderness - 25e
    Tears Of The Fallen - 20e
    The Black Curtain - 25e
    Twin Serpent Lakes - 20e
    Watchtower Coast - 18e

    Maguuma Jungle

    Dry Top - 18e
    Ettins Back - 22e
    Mamnoon Lagoon - 18e
    Reed Big - 18e
    Sage Lands - 25e
    Silverwood - 22e
    Tangle Root - 22e
    The Falls - 35e

    Crystal Desert

    Diviners Ascent - 20e
    prophets path - 27e
    Salt Flats - 25e
    Skyward Reach - 22e
    The Arid Sea - 20e
    The Scar - 25e
    Vulture Drifts - 25e

    Southern Shiverpeaks

    Dreadnoughts Drift - 27e
    Frozen Forest - 32e
    Grenths Footprint - 25e
    Ice Floe - 25e
    Icedome - 20e
    Lornars Pass - 25e
    Mineral Springs - 30e
    Snake Dance - 45e
    Spearhead Peak - 25e
    Talus Chute - 40e
    Tascas Demise - 18e
    Witmans Folly - 18e

    Ring Of Fire Island Chain

    Perdition Rock - 27e


    Shing Jea Island

    Haiju Lagoon - 20e
    Jaya Bluffs - 22e
    Kinya Province - 22e
    Minister Cho's Estate - 22e
    Panjiang Peninsula - 22e
    Saoshang Trail - 10e
    Sunwua Vale - 22e
    Zen Daijun - [Factions Toon =10e] [Non Factions Toon = 22e]

    Kaineng City

    Bukdek Byway - 10e
    Nahpui Quarter - 20e
    Pongmei Valley - 20e
    Raisu Palace - 35e
    Shadows Passage - 10e
    Shenzun Tunnels - 25e
    Sunjiang District - 25e
    Tahnnakai Temple - 20e
    Waijun Bazarr - 25e
    Xaquang Skyway - 20e

    Echovald Forest

    Arborstone - 35e
    Drazach Thicket - 30e
    Ferndale - 35e
    Melandrus Hope - 25e
    Morostav Trail - 30e
    Mourning Vale Falls - 25e
    The Eternal Grove - 32e

    Jade Sea

    Archipelagos - 25e
    Boreas Seabed - 25e
    Gyala Hatchery - 25e
    Maishang Hills - 25e
    Mount Qinkai - 20e
    Rheas Crater - 25e
    Silent Surf - 27e
    Unwaking Waters - 22e



    Cliffs of Dohjok - 20e
    Fahranur, The first city - 27e
    Issnur Isles - 35e
    Lahtenda Bog - 50e
    Mehtani Keys - 25e
    Plains Of Jarin - 20e
    Zehlon Reach - 27e


    Arkjok Ward - 35e
    Bahdok Caverns - 30e
    Barbarous Shore - 20e
    Dejarin Estate - 22e
    Gandara, the Moon Fortress - 18e
    Jahai Bluffs - 30e
    Marga Coast - 32e
    Sunward Marches - 32e
    The Floodplain of Mahnkelon - 27e
    Turais Procession - 30e


    Forum Highlands - 35e
    Garden Of Sborhin - 30e
    Holdings Of Chokhin - 25e
    Resplendent Makuun - 20e
    The Hidden City of Ahdashim - 32e
    The Mirror Of The Lyss - 25e
    Vehjin Mines - 20e
    Vehtendi Valley - 25e
    Wilderness Of Bahdza - 20e
    Yatendi Canyons - 25e


    Crystal Overlook - 50e
    Jokos Domain - 65e
    Poisoned Outcrops - 50e
    The Alkali Pan - 55e
    The Ruptured Heart - 50e
    The Shattered Ravines - 55e
    The Sulfurous Wastes - 65e

    Eye Of The North

    Far Shiverpeaks

    Bjora Marches - 25e
    Drakkar Lake - 40e
    Ice Cliff Chasms - 20e
    Jaga Moraine - 30e
    Norrhart Domain - 30E
    Varajar Fells -45e

    Charr Homelands

    Dalada Uplands - 35e
    Grothmar Wardowns - 25e
    Sacnoth Valley - 50e

    Tarnished Coast

    Alcazia Tangle - 25e
    Arbor Bay - 45e
    Magus Stones - 37e
    Riven Earth - 32e
    Sparkfly Swamp - 32e
    Verdant Cascades - 30e

    Services Offered Here:

    Legendary Guardian Title

    Legendary Master of the North

    Slayer of All

    Secret Agent

    Not Too Shabby

    Legendary Vanquisher

    HoM Services-


    IGN - Sepulchures Sinner

    Discord - Deviant#9435

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  • I'm interested in the Prophecies tour for a new character. Are you available?

    Edit: Thanks for the fast response, and for unlocking all the outposts so quickly! Also thanks for letting me just pay upfront so I could go AFK :) I appreciate it!

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  • Hey there! I could use some Eotn Dungeon Running.

    Some of em i did in HM or NM.

    List of what i would need exactly:

    1# Catecombs Of Kathandrax - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    2# Rragars Menagerie - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    3# Cathedral Of Flames - [NM - 30e]

    4# Ooze Pit* - [NM - 15e]

    5# Darkrime Delves - [NM - 30e]

    6# Frostmaw Burrows - [NM - 50e] [HM - 75e]

    7# Sepulchre Of Dragrimmar - [NM - 25e]

    8# Ravens Point - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    9# Vloxen Excavations - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    10# Bogroot Growths - [NM - 25e]

    11# Bloodstone Caves - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    12# Shards Of Orr - [NM - 30e] [HM - 45e]

    13# Oolas Lab - [NM - 30e]

    14# Arachni's Haunt [NM - 25e]

    15# Slavers Exile [NM - 100e] [HM - 150e]

    Looking forward to your reply.

    IGN Ipyx Life