a few os items, summit hammer, sephis axe, butterfly sword, etc

  • Very nice items! Ive seen sephis like q8 14st go like 70a and 15ench 150a+, Last 15^50 was many years ago like 250-300a, id personally seek close 500a. Sephis is one of most wanted weapons In gw. (getting that much arms is Hard but atleast u can get big bunch of very nice items im sure)

    Buckler prob 50-75A+

    Butterfly is rare name id look close 50a

    Gladius prob 20-30a, same for magmas arm

    Summit Hammer id seek 30-40a,

    Flamberg prob 3-5a

    Note that selling items atm is rly Hard and take time.. Especially rare items like q8, but nice items shouldnt be sold too cheap..

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  • Just a quick comment on the sephis. There won't be a number in this post but I hope it helps to provide some scale.

    The last req 8 15^50 sephis axe that I know of changing hands was mine. It was actually my "spare" sephis (it's there really such a thing?). The only reason I was willing to let it go at all was because I was getting one of the three known +5e crystalline swords in return.

    I took the chance to expand the breadth and quality of my collection but wouldn't have moved that axe for anything less than a truly top shelf museum-quality item.

    The value of an axe like that is up to you. There is no fair or market value. For me, years ago, an axe like that was worth a +5e crys. If you want 500a, don't sell until you get that. If you want 1000a, don't all until you get that. If you want to trade this top shelf relic for another one, don't trade it until you get something that turns you on.

    You'll never get your hands on another axe like that. It's a thing of beauty πŸ‘

    :heart: [PhD] :heart:

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  • agree with pleikki and kromp, you got some nice pieces there! do not sell them without an auction! make sure they go to some1 who appriciates them :)


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