Wintergreen Warriors

  • Occasionally I do what everybody else does; try something silly simply for it's own sake. One of my occasional activities is finding a somewhat viable use for Wintergreen Weapons.

    Melonni has become my Illusionary Weapon Tank. Melonni pre-casts Illusion of Weakness, Faithful Intervention and Illusionary Weaponry upon loading in an area. Generally it is a bit of a specialized build for areas with little or no enchantment removal.


    Illusion Magic 10

    Earth Prayers 10

    Mysticism 11 and Head Gear +1 with Minor Rune +1 = 13


    Illusion of Weakness

    Faithful Intervention

    Illusionary Weaponry

    Intimidating Aura

    Mystic Regeneration

    Resurrection Signet

    Shield of Force

    Signet of Clumsiness or Shrinking Armor

    Windwalker Insignia and + health Runes for maximum armor and health.

    WG Shield = Shield Handle of Devotion and "Sheltered by Faith" Inscription

    WG Axe = Axe Grip of Fortitude and Heavy Axe Haft and "I have the Power" Inscription

    Tested in Sacnoth Valley Hard Mode after clearing out the area; Melonni was able to Solo Borrguus Blisterbark 3 out of 20 times. (I had plenty of time to make a sandwich and get something to drink while the contest was underway.) The tests were done using Signet of Clumsiness; however Shrinking Armor would perhaps have been a bit more effective.

    Perhaps in the future I'll make a Dervish Character myself and use Eternal Aura to boost the foe's level on the damage reduction from Intimidating Aura. I imagine any PUG will think I'm a bit strange upon entering a mission and seeing me with Candy Weapons. ^^

  • I figured while it was a cold wet day to post a update. I have a warrior and like all warriors, some areas just inflict so much blindness that he seldom hits anything and removing blindness only to have it applied again was = frustration. I ended up making a build based on Illusionary Weaponry so that at least I could deal a bit of damage and be somewhat useful.

    As irony would have it the warrior's name is Bowie The Blind.


    Illusion Magic 12

    Strength 12 and Head Gear +1 with Minor Rune +1 = 14

    Tactics or Domination Magic or Inspiration Magic 3 (Depending on substitute skills used)


    Illusion of Weakness = (As a safety net and the +5 armor bonus while Illusionary Weaponry is in effect) (Additionally the sudden loss of health can draw the attention of some foes taking a bit of pressure off the team) (Illusion of Weakness can be used as a cover enchantment but, it's 10 energy makes this very difficult)

    Signet of Stamina = (For an extra 283 health - since I don't actually hit anything it stays active)

    Illusionary Weaponry (34 damage per swing)

    Sunspear Rebirth Signet

    Disarm = (It doesn't need to hit anything to work) (Distracting Blow could also be used)

    Lion's Comfort or Either Signet = (In heavy damage areas Lion's Comfort does charge up fairly quickly allowing a sometimes needed healing boost)

    Tiger Stance = (My attacks do not fail to hit with Illusionary Weaponry so it stays active)

    Flurry = (Has no damage reduction effect due to Illusionary Weaponry being the damage source) (In damage heavy areas Flail or Rush can be substituted as well as Riposte) (Signet of Clumsiness, Signet of Disruption, Signet of Distraction and, Ether Signet are also a good substitute and reduces the energy pressure from occasional protracted battles)

    Sentinel Insignia on all armor (However when using Signet of Clumsiness I use a Stonefist Insignia on my gloves)

    Rune of Superior Vigor / Minor Rune of Strength / 2 Runes of Vitae / Warrior Rune of Superior Absorption

    I use a Strength Shield with a "Luck of the Draw" Inscription and +45 health W/e (A backup switch to a simple +30 health in case it's needed)

    Wintergreen Sword with Sword Pommel of Fortitude +30, "I have the Power" Inscription and, a Furious Sword Hilt (Somewhat useful in heavy damage areas)

    Primarily tested in Prophet's Path where it proved quite useful against many of the foes found there.

    The build allows for high health and armor at the same time. While normally it's not a high damage build, in a few areas where it's not practical to try and remove blindness it does increase average damage. Overall it's not quite a super build but, it's useful in a few areas as well as being a fun build. During Zaishen Bonuses of those areas I've enjoyed the reactions of other players I've teamed up with as well.

    No need to tell me what I'm full of, trust me I've been told already.

  • Taking a bit of time out scavenging for those new Anniversary Weapons to post a pair of hero builds I've tinkered with. (Possibly the new Anniversary Shield is just bugged and will be fixed later to accept a shield handle. Perhaps it'll be a good use for the new Shield. I could also see Illusionary Weaponry being worked into a niche build as well.)

    Build: Norgu The Annoying


    Fast Casting 12 and Head Gear +1 with Minor Rune +1 = 14

    Illusion Magic 3

    Domination Magic 9

    Inspiration Magic 9

    Restoration Magic 1


    Keystone Signet

    Leech Signet

    Signet of Distraction

    Mantra of Signets

    Death Pact Signet (I originally used a simple Resurrection Signet but, besides it's needing to be recharged to be used again; once used the game mechanics of Mantra of Signets and Artificer's Insignia don't recognize it as being equipped on the skill bar. Despite Death Pack Signet's drawback it's a fast res-skill.)

    Signet of Disruption

    Unnatural Signet

    Signet of Clumsiness

    Artificer's Insignia on all armor

    Rune of Superior Vigor / Minor Rune of Fast Casting / 3 Runes of Vitae (The Runes of Vitae can be swapped out to boost his other skills or, a Rune of Superior Fast Casting thereby making Norgu a somewhat better draw of Argo due to a bit lower health.)

    A Wintergreen Spear with Spear Grip of Fortitude, Inscription "Let the Memory Live Again" (Truth be told, I've also used the Inscription Brawn over Brains" for the Lutz factor.) and Spearhead Storage. A Wintergreen Shield with a Handle of Fortitude and Inscription "Luck of the Draw". (I tend to prefer the simple fortitude over the stamina handle most of the time but, not always.)

    Norgu The Annoying is best described as not good at anything but useful for several things. Norgu is set to Guard Mode and kites well; particularly if his stance is removed. One of his main benefits is that he seems to draw pressure away from the back line, however he doesn't hold Argo for long. Good overall survivability and rather amusing. Easily hindered by Spirit of Primal Echoes, Rust and Ignorance; somewhat vulnerable to stance removal.

    In many areas/missions Norgu is my go to clown for the win; and just because. :S

  • This build is simply a variant of Norgu The Annoying, with a few changes.

    Build: Kung Fu Norgu

    I switch Death Pact Signet for Symbolic Strike and set Norgu to Fight Mode.

    I also swap out the 3 Runes of Vitae for Minor Runes of Domination Magic, Inspiration Magic and, Illusion Magic. Superior Runes can be beneficial as well depending on the conditions. The lower health and Norgu no longer tending to Kite much allows him to draw and hold Argo rather nicely as well as dealing a bit more damage. Additionally if you don't mind the loss of 6 armor, Distracting Blow, or Distracting Strike can be used as interrupts, and "For Great Justice" for faster adrenaline gain to fuel Symbolic Strike.

    A switch to a Wintergreen Axe or Sword equipped with an of Fortitude and Furious Mod with the Inscription "Let the Memory Live Again".

    Mostly this is using Norgu as Bait, a job he was born to act out. He has a decent survivability overall while being the silliest tank of them all. He's subject to the same skill limitations as the other build but, more vulnerable to stance removal.

    Yeah, I do enjoy being different; no super builds for me.

    Blunder Onward. :thumbup: