Wintergreen Warriors

  • Occasionally I do what everybody else does; try something silly simply for it's own sake. One of my occasional activities is finding a somewhat viable use for Wintergreen Weapons.

    Melonni has become my Illusionary Weapon Tank. Melonni pre-casts Illusion of Weakness, Faithful Intervention and Illusionary Weaponry upon loading in an area. Generally it is a bit of a specialized build for areas with little or no enchantment removal.


    Illusion Magic 10

    Earth Prayers 10

    Mysticism 11 and Head Gear +1 with Minor Rune +1 = 13


    Illusion of Weakness

    Faithful Intervention

    Illusionary Weaponry

    Intimidating Aura

    Mystic Regeneration

    Resurrection Signet

    Shield of Force

    Signet of Clumsiness or Shrinking Armor

    Windwalker Insignia and + health Runes for maximum armor and health.

    WG Shield = Shield Handle of Devotion and "Sheltered by Faith" Inscription

    WG Axe = Axe Grip of Fortitude and Heavy Axe Haft and "I have the Power" Inscription

    Tested in Sacnoth Valley Hard Mode after clearing out the area; Melonni was able to Solo Borrguus Blisterbark 3 out of 20 times. (I had plenty of time to make a sandwich and get something to drink while the contest was underway.) The tests were done using Signet of Clumsiness; however Shrinking Armor would perhaps have been a bit more effective.

    Perhaps in the future I'll make a Dervish Character myself and use Eternal Aura to boost the foe's level on the damage reduction from Intimidating Aura. I imagine any PUG will think I'm a bit strange upon entering a mission and seeing me with Candy Weapons. ^^