GW Client file issues?

  • Has anybody else experienced issues with the Game Client with Windows 10? I play American Servers, incase this is an issue.

    No issues for months until today, out of the blue. When I log into my account and pick a character, the loading screen stays at 0% forever, whereas it usually takes a second or 2 to load into the town? Just uninstalled to reinstall all of the files, and it's still deciding to stay at 0.

  • Apparently it's only happening for characters that are currently in Kamadan or Pre Sear Ascalon for me. Figured I'd try another toon after your comment about the districts, Twitch.

    Edit* Pre Sear Ascalon, Kamadan and GTOB are all issues. One of my alt accounts has all of the characters in one of those towns..which is kind of a bummer lol

  • Seems this issue is happening again for me, I tried loading in this morning and got stuck on 0% again.

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  • For me all characters parked in GToB are stuck on loading screen 0% forever...


    Two characters parked in Fort Ranik (Pre) are loadimg just fine, but I can't map travel into any other outpost. Getting stuck on loading screen 0%.

  • as of right now the only know way to fix it is to move your account to international

    Yep, just like last time its only amer of kama/gtob/pre ascalon as far as I noticed. Load on any character in any other town. Switch to int, district is account wide. GtoB/Kama bound characters will load once you swap to int.

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