Looking for someone who can make a guild banner

  • Hello all,

    My guild is called Calculated Chaos [cc] we are a tight group of people who do daily SC-runs (DoA/FoW/Urgoz/Deep/UW etc)

    We are recruiting actively. But in order to become succesfull a good looking advertisement banner is important! Thats why i need someone who could design this for me.

    The payment will be in armbraces/ectos

    IGN: Guardian of Ectos


  • PM me with details:

    Size(s) of the Banners u want

    Text / Images u want included

    If u have screenshots of your character (s), guildmates, ur cape and so on that u want to be included put them on a google drive and send me the link

    Hopefully I'll have time to work out smth during next week.

    When finished I'll pm u my working hours and u can pay as many ecto/arms u consider fair.