PC - Returning player storage

  • Hey guys, I have no idea how pricing works anymore so I'm hoping you guys can help me out!
    Here's a list of what I got laying around in storage.

    Much appreciated and happy holidays!


    Droknar's Healing Staff

    Kole's Torment

    Grim Shadow Staff

    Prismatic Rod + Focus

    Tanzit's Defender

    Murakai's Blade

    Elswyth's Recurve Bow

    Prayer of the Forgotten

    Darkroot's Daggers

    Exalted Aegis - Str

    The Scar Eater


    Fiery Gothic Dual Axe of Fortitude

    q9 15% Enchanted +30hp

    Zealous Summit Axe of Enchanting

    q9 15^50% +1/-1 Energy Enchant 20%


    Tall Shield of Fortitude

    Blue q8 16a Tactics

    +30 HP +10vsSlash

    Charr Axe

    q9 Clean

    Shocking Turtle Shell Longbow of Fortitude

    q9 15^50% +30hp

    Insightful Holy Branch of Enchanting

    q9 Divine

    +5 Energy +5 Energy^50% Enchant 20%

    Sundering Brute Sword of Deathbane

    q9 20/20 15^50% 20% vs Undead

    Tall Shield of Fortitude

    q9 Tactics

    +30hp -2 in Stance

    Sundering (Mursaat) Hornbow of Fortitude

    q9 20/20 15^50% +29hp

    Vampiric Celestial Axe of Warding

    q10 15% in Stance +7 vs Ele

    Vampiric Mammoth Axe of Warding

    q10 15% in Stance +7 vs Ele

    Swift Holy Branch

    q10 Divine

    Halves casting time of spells 10% x2

    Draconic Aegis of Fortitude

    q10 Command

    +28hp -2 in Stance

    Elemental Sword of Fortitude

    +5 Energy +30hp

    Guardian of the Hunt of Endurance

    q11 Str

    +45hp in Stance Reduce Bleed 20%

    Draconic Aegis of Fortitude

    q12 Str

    +29hp +9 vs Blunt

    Adept Bone Staff of Mastery

    q12 Death

    Half casting time Death Magic 20% Death Magic +1 Energy +15/-1

    Eerie Focus

    q12 communing


    Igneaous Blade of Fortitude

    q13 Energy +5 +29hp

    Amethyst Aegis of Valor

    q13 Motivation

    +60hp when Hexed +9 vs Cold

    Dwarven Axe



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