Returning Player looking for HA/PvP

  • Sorry probably i would sound harsh and negative but just don't bother with HA, the gamemode is full of bots, ppl that farm with henches and there is few ppl in close groups that will play with rupt bots and ofc toxic af, just to get an idea whats going on watch some matches off hours, i'm sorry but the gamemode is beyond dead there is no competitive teams like old days etc if you searching for something like that.

  • The pvp in HA is dead, but u can farm fame and u will meet team of players at hall

    Almost always a team forming in inter1 and camping hall for fames and chest, but sometimes hall is empty for 5hours.

    Theres like 3 differents teams per day that form a good balance party and hold the hall, you cant beat them if you don t have 7 good players with you

    The fame cap is 300/days i did it with random peoples everyday and solo with 7 hench from r3 to r9

    So you fight bot+7hench on all map exept at hall, theres still team of trash talker that blacklist you if you do any mistake in their team (it always been like that)

    And in Zquest day or Double week bonus you can meet team of eles and random people that try to hold the hall or farm some zkeys and hero boxes

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  • As said above, the only real players you'll encounter (most of the time) will be at Halls. Killing the bots with the hench is super easy, especially if you play mes or ele. Once at halls though, if you're playing against the holding time while most of their players are still active, and not taking afk breaks, then you'll get destroyed with that mes/ele +7hench build.

    With that said, it's still easy to get in a full team, and most people aren't as good as the ole days; you just have to be in the int districts on the active times. I'd recommend looking to join a guild that does HA regularly if that's what you're trying to get into while your back in gw.

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  • So I followed the advice and join guild/alliance that claim to be friendly with new player and do HA a lot but it turn out they just a bunch of elitist PvPer. I ended up doing HA with pug 90% of the time since I joined. Is there any friendly HA/PvP guild out there that will welcome a returning PvE player and help with the PvP transition? I can run anything and willing to learn.

  • the problem is there isnt enough actual games for you to get any real practice and get better on the more difficult roles (backline esp). i think youre beating a dead horse here, imo its not worth the time and effort with how small the playerbase is and how few real 8v8s (not even talking about 8v8v8s here) come to pass. dont get me wrong i played my fair share of HA since i came back and really wanted it to be good but most of the times it just isnt... :(

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  • Do the "Elitist PvPers" not let you join their group? As to Jokers point, there are few real 8v8's (and by far fewer 8v8v8's) at Halls nowadays. Even playing backline roles, you really don't have to be that good to play in today's matches... if we're to be honest. Most of the true "Elitist" have moved on to new games because of how small the PvP community has become in GW.; there's no longer challenge.

    I wouldn't advertise yourself as a newb to PvP to the guild either, if that's what you're doing as well (in hopes to learn). Cause that'll prolly make them always pick their go to team members, rather than wanting to "waste their time" on teaching somebody new.

    I'd watch a couple of halls matches, specifically the class you're enjoying the most, and see how and what the regulars are currently playing. Or ask your guild what class they're usually needing a random pug to play, if they don't already have a steady 8man team. If you're able to find a current GvG guild, they tend to be pretty open with returning players. As long as you can dedicate time to playing GvG's for the monthly, you'll usually have a spot in the guilds steady PvP team. And they tend to do HA regularly on their off time.

    I may be able to invite you to a steady top GvG guild alliance. I know they're pretty consistent with the monthly's, and do a bit of HA. Though I've yet to play with most of them; one of my storage accounts is holding a spot for my main.