NF + Factions VQ

  • Offering vanquishing services for NF and Factions.

    Not sure what current prices are but message me on here or ingame and we can discuss prices.

    IGN: O Yuuki

  • I could use all of Nightfall, my schedule usually kind of sucks though


    A full NF VQ was agreed upon. Half payment was required at the start. Progress started off good but has not been progressed for a few days now. Despite timezone difference I've been on and ready quite often at the same time as runner. Take with that what you will for anyone considering something big.

    EDIT 2:

    Haven't made any progress since March 24th/25th, it is now April 3rd. I was told progress would continue today but after sitting ready to go all day they simply just logged out. The price agreed upon was 1k ectos and I had to pay half up front. To make it simple 1k/34= about 29.4 so we will call each zone 30 ecto. Seeing as only 5 zones were done I'm going to consider this being scammed out of 350 ectos. Will request the partial refund and will update this post with results.

    List of zones, started with 0 out of the 34.

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