11years Dormant, opened inventory

  • Ok, been gone for nearly 11 years... came back to finish off GWAMM while dealing with Coronapocalypse. I did a bunch of stuff... hardcore casual PvE.. Lots of SF misc greens and golds from PVE. Got some family playing with heroes...Had a bunch of heroes and mess. So prices seem whacky to me, and some of the fellas in town recommended I not sell anything till I had posted here. So here goes. I would like to know what a good price is for this stuff as I want to move it and maybe get that obsidian armor I never got around to getting.

    (Thanks up front if you take time to look at this.)


    Ilsundur's Staff, 9fire, 20HSR, 20HCTfire +60H

    Milius'Pillar, 9earth, 10HCT/20HSR +30H, +5e

    Magmus Staff +15e, 9estor, 20HSR, 10HCT +30h


    Ilsundur's Focus

    Staff of the Forgotten 9divine 20HSR, +5e^50, +30H

    Dunshek's Purifier

    Gorrel's Staff

    Illyana's Staff

    Korvold's CaneX2

    The RockmolderX2

    Claws of the Broodmother

    Ssaresh's Kris Daggers

    Gwen's Flute

    Murkai's Blade

    Forgotten Axe 9axe, 15^50, 20/20Pen, +30H

    Wing's Axe

    Totem Axe

    Ogre Slaying Knife (+9 vs OGRES!)

    Deldrimor Strength Shield, 9 str, pdam-5/20%, +30H


    Gold Collage.jpg

    Ebon cleaver.PNG

    This is Tyrian I believe?

  • im gonna list the things that are maybe worth selling, a lot of stuff is merch imo:

    aegis +30 -2stance ~10-20e

    q8 cleaver will probably depend if canthan or tyrian, 5-15a range

    jade longbow ~10e

    jade sword ~20e

    mursaat hammer 3e (looking at one buyer for this and that will be his price)

    cele staff def worth selling, impossible to tell the price without auction.

    ps: did not look at the greens, someone else gotta check those

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