Trading Post in Gw1 - Open discussion

  • Hello everyone! :)

    So basically I spent the last year on GW2 and just came back to the original game (I love it too much <3).

    So I guess the idea was maybe already discussed, but how would you feel about a Trading Post in Guild Wars 1?
    1- How do you picture it? How would it work?

    2- How difficult would it be to add it to the game? I have no knowledge in video game development, so what kind of means are required for the TP to be fully working? How expensive for ANet?

    3- Would it be possible? Regarding the economy (the different currencies used like ectos, arms, gold, or even the drop system with all the "unique" weapons you can get)

    4- What are the pros & cons?

    I guess it's something that I always dreamed of in Guild Wars. If we could imagine a working TP, I am sure it would really be appreciated by the community and it would enhance the game experience (not having to spend hours in Kamadan <X).
    Of course it won't happen, I am mostly curious if some people with experience can provide some answers to these questions, and have everyone's opinion, that would be interesting!
    If the overall cost of such a project is reasonable, maybe we could discuss ways to finance it for ANet (possibilities are endless, but we could imagine paying to access this feature, or just donate to help the project starting, send another batch of cupcakes to their office :D)

    Share your opinion, and please be respectful in your answers. I'm sure I am a little naive to even hope it could happen :P

  • To be completely honest, one of the things I missed when I started playing Guild Wars 2, when it came out, was trading.

    I have played GW1 for a long time and I spent probably half of it in Kamadan. Not because I “had to”, but because I enjoyed it. And I think that many people agree. Look at Kamadan, it’s always full! I’m pretty sure that more than half of the people that are not obligated to be there.

    A lot of people in this community are still here because of trading and the items that they found through the years. Contrary to GW2, there are unique, one of a kind items in GW1, impossible to value. It’s not like there are 100 more floating around and you can just post them on a Trading Post for 1 copper less than the previous one listed. It’s not like that and it cannot be like that with most of the items and, to be honest, I’m really glad that it’s not.

    In GW2 all the items fell the same, all the items are still obtainable, everyone just has to grind and spend hours farming to get them.

    Trading in GW1 is kinda the same. But instead of grinding and farming and buying gems, you sit in Kamadan waiting for them to appear like a prey. When/if they ever show up, you have to negotiate in order to get them. You have to own other items that the seller wants, or have enough ectos/arms. And this "trading/negotiating game" is thrilling and exciting for a lot of people, including myself.

    I have never found other game where trading and the uniqueness of items was so meaningful.

    Additionally, trading has brought me many friendships. A lot of those started with “WTS something.” and that "something" was something that I wanted to buy. The fact that you are trying to sell or buy items on your own gives trading a more personal feeling, in my opinion.

    So, to my eyes, trading and negotiating is not bad at all. In fact, it’s probably the reason why I still play this 15yo game. And if a Trading Post was added, I’m pretty sure a lot of that essence would be gone.

  • You're right! :) That's also something I like about GW1 trading. Why wouldn't it be possible on a Trading Post? That's exactly why I ask people's opinion about that : how would you imagine it? How would it work? What are the pros and cons?

    Negociation, talking to people, gathering in Kamadan: of course they're really positive aspects of the trading in GW1. And the fact that so many weapons are unique also make it challenging for a Trading Post. What I think is that for MOST items in GW1, it would be extremely useful: mods, tomes, currencies, inscriptible weapons, HOM items, etc. (I still don't understand people spending time in Kama just selling 1 mod for 500g, but yeah).
    So what about the one of a kind items? Things like a q8 15^50, or a prenerf rune, or else?
    We could imagine bids (S/B, C/O, B/O), and a way to contact the seller to negociate. It's just up to the seller to just "list it", spamming in Kamadan, list it on GwLegacy, or else after all.

    I don't know, it's just one thought. That's why I bring this topic here: to have some other opinions and ideas. :thumbup: