PC Req 7 & 8 sword, shield & stuff

  • Just came back to the game and had some stuff I found that not sure if it's worth anything.

    Just curious what these items are worth.

    All are Pre-Nerf, non inscribe.

    White Max Req 7 Fellblade

    White Max Req 7 Tactics Skeleton Shield

    Gold Req 8 Wingblade 14/50

    Gold Req 8 Long Sword 15/Enchanted

    Gold Req 8 Tactics (Aegis) 44/-2 both while Enchanted

    Gold Req 8 Shortbow 14/50

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hey! Very nice items, for price checks these are somewhat "lowest values" id personally take, the items could go higher with intrest, and without intrest they might not reach these prices easyly

    white fell, i sold one 1-2yo ago for ~25a, back then arms were much higher then currently tho, id seek that 20-30a for this atleast

    Skeleton, one was sold here in legacy also 1-2yo ago for ~150-200e at the time, now theres some white q7 shields on sell section with 250-300e offers, ive sold/bought white/blue q7 shields in 250-500e range, white core in white in lower range

    Wingblade id suspect ~5arms

    Longsword ~5-8a

    The shield depends on skin ALOT, from bad core skin its from some hundred ectos to rare skin could be over thousand

    Hope it helps, get more opinions and take ur time if ure gonna sell them, finding buyer thesedays takes LONG time if u fair prices

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