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  • hello, I can't really post this in your PC thread, as I have interest in an item. But are the white fellblade and shield max stats? If so, there are 2 other white q7 shields in a sell thread now that are in the 300e range I think.

    I am personally interested in the fellblade (if max), as I already have a naked white collection going. I'm not going to ask you to sell to me outright, but please add me as Alexa Jaide in game and consider letting me have a chance to outbid or buyout before selling to anyone else. Thank you, and welcome back!

    • I was planning to put it in auctions to give anyone a chance but since you came to ask, I don't mind discussing the price I would like to sell it for. Tessia Hades

    • i added you to friends list, and ill message you when i see you on. thanks!