Can I farm items for Nicholas the Traveler with Sin or Ranger

  • Hi,

    As the title says - are there any good builds to farm mobs with Sin or Ranger? I understand that not everything can be farmed, but maybe there are some general builds for these classes. I can consider bringing a hero to improve my chances of survival or damage.


  • it all depends on the item nicholas is looking for.

    In general, assasin and ranger are perfect classes for farming. They both can use Shadow Form in a useful way.

    Regarding nicholas, most items (if not all) can be farmed using a spirit spammer with Signet of Spirits + utility skills. I think ranger is more useful playing spirit spammer as you have lower enegy cost due to expertise. But normally energy is no problem.

    There is also a nicholas farming thread here on gwlegacy. Just check that out for farming methods.

    Despite that, you can also farm whatever you like to and buy the nicholas sets for the gifts. For sure it is a lower profit but the wirst thing you can do ingame is stuff you don't enjoy. And farming for a specific nicholas item Is totally boring in my eyes.