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    - To optimalize the play experience, I have to complete every sidequest in an area in order to move on with the story

    See you on an infinite loop of repeatable Factions quests ;)

    - No consumables or tomes unless I craft / find them myself

    if this is a fresh account, there is very little you can do with tomes. Unless you unlock skills with Balth Faction

    - I try to follow the lore as much as possible, so no skipping scenes

    You probably know this already, but if you don't want to die. Some cutscenes may kill you and give you a death counter (Vizunah Square comes to mind)

    Overall cool challenge. I am trying to do something similair, but maybe less restrictive. As I start in Proph, and inted to run to NF and grab heroes.

    Good luck on your travels! Keep Legacy updated on your progress!…ated-2000130976

    I doubt this will have much effect on GW1 given how cheap it is for ArenaNet to keep the servers online, but it's interesting news nonetheless. I have to say though, I feel sorry for all the GW2 players who are about to go through what fans of the original game did back in 2007-2012.

    Good news. I hope they take learnings on why first game was such a fan favourite, why GW2 is a cash grab and can provide best of both worlds. I understand that NCsoft needs to earn money and keep shareholders happy. But I hope they listen to the player base that made the whole game possible - the bitter GW vets. Some of us will probably be retred by the time GW3 Is released.

    Aand. I think Anet has done a great job of world building. in GW1 they expanded very horizontal, not going into to much depth, but providing quite a lot of content for the time. Now the new games can simply build up on it - Mursaat, Sunspears, Order of Whispers, Factions.. there is so much depth possible, that I think GW2 doesn't service well.


    I got kind of excited about the anniversary event and the special weapons we will be able to obtain.

    I used to have a lot of fun with short-bow Assassin build. And up until recently was pretty hyped about the Anniversary Shortbow "Whisper". It's using CS as its main attribute, and I'm all in for it.

    But then again. Whats the point.. If all damage, interrupt skills anyway scale of Marksmanship and I would likely pump my marksmanship attribute to 9 either way. Similar story for Leadership daggers. I mean cool to have those. But only reason to have daggers is to use dagger skills. And pretty much pump points in Dagger mastery.

    Then there is the Necro scythe, which I understand is behind one of the highest DPS builds. Or mesmer shield that I can see use for.

    But apart from few exceptions, are these only fluff weapons? Or am I missing the mark on Shortbow, Daggers and probably others.

    As Neutral said. If you are looking for community and social aspect, the game is pretty empty unless you find an active guild.

    Combat and quest areas are instanced. Typically premade parties of 4-8 players (real or npc) are questing together. You meet other players in game towns (or hubs). But there are only handful that are buzzing with life.

    Apart from that, the game is still in good condition and there is plenty to do for a new player.

    hmm.. I havent played JQ for years now. But last I remember is long a.. queue times. Is it even possible to play now with bots n stuff

    and also you cannot earn points and store them until double faction week. I currently have cap of 60k Faction that I can store. An Ironman (on fresh acc.) its 25k iirc.

    1. Survivor (1)
    2. Protector (3)
    3. Guardian (3)
    4. Cartographer (3)
    5. Vanquisher (3)
    6. Sunspear & Lightbringer (2)
    7. Skill Hunter (3)
    8. Reputation Ranks EotN (4)
    9. Kurzick + Luxon (2)
    10. Master of the North (1)

    The Rest I do not know yet. I take it along the way

    Why are you going for Kurz and Lux titles? They are a massive P in the A. It would be much easier to get the consumables imo.

    Also, whats the deal of not using Skill merchant for skills? Ok Factions I maybe get it. You have access to all of the skills fairly quickly in the game. But Proph and NF skill traders are much more limited.

    Also, I support continuing with your ranger. You have grown fond of it!


    I've decided to come back to GW and try to beat (GWAMMO it) the game with a caster. Currently I don't have decked out heroes, nor Im running solo HM missions. I have finished NF and Factions stories. Now pushing trough prophecies.

    And pretty much as the title says, I'm looking for some inspiration on [maybe] non meta builds. I'd like to check out some Blood Magic builds that are less focused on support and more on damage or control. Or Death Magic not being a MM. I can also look into some non-necro builds, but i don't particularly am interested in dagger spammers.

    In any case. I'm looking forward to learn the profession a little bit more in depth and play with some archetypes that were there before PVE skills took over. What are some interesting secondary prof synergies?

    Also coming from Ranger and Assassin main, how do you manage the encounters. Im so used to going in, calling target and balling the mobs. With caster it's a bit different. I don't really have a good engage. Do you work with melee heroes, or maily rely on minions to do the right thing?

    anyway, looking for some hot takes!


    A little tip to increase profits even more, use regular salvage kits for things that salvage into dust/iron/bones. They're (I think) 5g per use and guarantee you get iron instead of i.e. steel, which is usually higher profit. There are some items where the rare salvage is probably worth it for the chance, but for most items I think you profit more getting 10 iron vs. two steel ingots, for example, not to mention saving quite a bit on salvage costs.

    oh, i thought that the output qty also differs with superior and regular kits. But you are right.

    Some tips I have to make more money:

    • Identify everything you get from a level 20 mob. Even if it's white, just identify it.
      It can double in value just from doing that. Often, it will only be 1 gold more but sometimes it goes up dramatically.
      Down the line it is worth your while to identify everything - it will skyrocket your earnings.
    • Check every drop with runes with the trader. Some might look useless, but some insignia's are worth quite a bit and some runes can net you over 20k profits!
      I always check every drop, it makes for an easy extra bit of money.

    I have been doing this for like my whole gw life.

    Recently, i started gambling with salvaging white items. I cannot say which option is better, i just don't have the time or data to create a working model.

    But in General, what I have noticed, is that unless the item salvages in the overpopular materials like wood, chitin fragments, leather squares, the value of salvaged materials is a bit higher. Lets say, you have a white sword, that sells to merchant (after ID) 80g. You salvage it and get 5 iron. 1 Iron at the trader costs roughly 45g. With this salvage you have increased your profits by 225 (iron price) - 80g (max value of he item) - 20 (use of a salvage kit) = 125g.
    With blues it is a bit more tricky, because you have to id it, that adds 5g more and thus reduces your margin.

    Not much, but it is a honest work :D

    It doesn't work for all the materials, but mostly you are looking for the ones in high demand like iron, dust, bones, plant fibers etc. .


    Two milestones reached today:

    God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals and Obsidian Armor..

    After almost 666 hours on this toon (151 months), and more than 2.3k in total I can finally be inducted in GWAMM hall of fame.

    Pretty much used up all of my savings on the consumable titles, skills and the FoW armor. Feels like I have to start the game from scratch again!

    Anyway, im super glad I finally did this. Thanks to GW community for support and help along the way!

    Guys, be good!

    Take care and see you in game!



    Just got to 27 titles. And the consumables are the last ones left. Unfortunatelly I miscalculated (or rather was not paying proper attention) the amount of points I had on my mule. Thought that fully stacked character should get me to finishing the title. I was wrong.

    I need about 8k party points.

    I will buy everything that can be sequentially consumed (so no crates of fireworks).

    2.5e for a stack (250 pts) or 30g for a point.

    IGN: Black Kate Moss; mostly online on weekday evenings (EU timezone).


    Even I wouldn't sink that amount of money into it since doing it fully by hand make you discover all over again the landscape and it's always fun to do, and you can do VQ while doing it so you can have 2 Elite skills at once

    Yep. I just did the VQ runs, finishing my carto (1.2% left in Prophecies). But im somewhere at around 30% of skill hunter. So yeah, after vq and carto rediscovering areas is not as romantic as it sounds ;D

    idjut I had a similar idea about the elite tomes. They can be a bit uncertain though. If you don't have the skill unlocked on your account, you don't know you are missing it :D

    If anyone has a list of elite skills in google sheets or something, don't hold on to it, share it around.

    I am now finishing my cartography title on my ranger and I will be going onward to skill hunter. Are there any tips on how to optimize these capping skill runs? Should I do it per profession or per area? How do you keep track on what skills you have and don't yet have. I can immagine that at some point when you are 87/90 for Tyrian Skills, you could get a bit confused to find which of the skills are you missing.


    Its great fun! i remember i farmed like 5hrs to get bolts of cloth for my 1st max armors etc xD

    Good times.

    I am also thinking of starting one. However, maybe we could discuss somethings beforehand.

    Like for one, shouldn't this be done on a fresh account? Like eventually you will reach Nightfall and eventually you will get your 7 hero team. Using already unlocked skills on heroes should pretty much nullify the challenge.

    For two, I really don't want to play any of the core profs. What do you think of starting in Factions and moving the char to Ascalon asap?

    For three, which profession from core ones do you think works best for this challenge. I figure you should go against meta and go for a monk. They could be invaluable in battle, healing henchmen.

    For four, would you not use your bank at all. Like, even for gold?

    For five, it's pretty cool that everyone is running this challenge after DoomBox posted the video. I havent seen so many '..Iron...' players in game before.

    Anywho, have a great day.

    It's literally how I am running two copies. I'm not using any program to get rid of anything, to apply .dat patches, etc.

    Edit: I do use GW Launcher but I am not running the option to apply the .dat patch. I have one account pointed at one GW.exe location and other account pointing to the other GW.exe. I apologize if this program handles killing something or making a change that is required to do so. But I made no manual registry changes or anything to do with mutex, etc.

    Edit 2: I'll check with a 2nd computer tonight without ever having used GW Launcher to see what happens.

    Please do so. I made two folders for gw and I'm still able to launch only one copy of the game.


    I just got an extra account, I thought I could use it for Nick Items and maybe some mule stuff. Now I want to run two clients of GW to transfer items and run places with both accounts.

    I searched online and found couple of solutions. But all of them require some seemingly sketchy software.

    How are you dealing with multiple accounts and what approach did you use?

    Also is this supported by ANET or could I get banned for running multiple copies of the game?



    Most likely nothing, but before merching I wanted to check whether or not this might be something of a niche use.



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    A quick search of the Guru farming forum brought up a map and some builds, though I would think you'd do better with a dagger build + mesmer based hero setup than a bunch of discord spammers.

    Cool, I will keep that in mind.

    Hit me up sometime and I'll do some quick runs with you

    Will do!

    25 minutes for a vanquish with heroes is about right. I think the best I managed was 22 minutes.

    You can always share how are you doing this. Otherwise its just words. ;)


    So I am trying to do a hero Kurzick point farm. I have been doing Morostav Trail for few times. Nothing too fancy. Im using something along the lines of the 7H support build with minor adjustments. Currently I have been able to clock the Vanquish at 45-55 minutes. Based on what I read on the internet (…rming_.001.html ) 50min is super slow. I should be looking at something in the area of 30 minutes.

    So now I am thinking of whether I have the routing right. Does anyone know the best way of running this? Maybe some cheesy strats/builds that make the whole process faster?

    EDIT: Im mostly doing this with my ranger or sin, as they have the most runed heroes. Aand the times dont differ that much.

    Thanks! :cookie:



    I have thought to myself that I want to slowly but surely progress on my Faction titles. I am now currently sitting at close to 2 milllion Kurzick points and I want to put some more work into the title. So as the title suggest, are there any MTSC groups/guilds/communties that are organizing runs for this?

    Maybe this is an outdated information and noone is even doing MTSC because of other, more efficient ways of farming faction?

    How did you max your allegiance titles?

    Kr, TDR2000

    Hey hey!

    I have seen and started this sort of game on various forums and it got a fair amount of popularity. The rules are simple, I post a screen shot of a location/landmark in gw and the next posters have to guess where it is. Person who guesses it first gets to post the next image. And so on until we die.

    A rule for this game would be that you cant post a screenshot of a dune or some hill that can be theoretically in any area.

    Lets see how this goes. In the end of the month, player with most successful guesses will get a symbolic prize from me.

    I'll start with this image: