Looking for Necro builds

  • Hello,

    I've decided to come back to GW and try to beat (GWAMMO it) the game with a caster. Currently I don't have decked out heroes, nor Im running solo HM missions. I have finished NF and Factions stories. Now pushing trough prophecies.

    And pretty much as the title says, I'm looking for some inspiration on [maybe] non meta builds. I'd like to check out some Blood Magic builds that are less focused on support and more on damage or control. Or Death Magic not being a MM. I can also look into some non-necro builds, but i don't particularly am interested in dagger spammers.

    In any case. I'm looking forward to learn the profession a little bit more in depth and play with some archetypes that were there before PVE skills took over. What are some interesting secondary prof synergies?

    Also coming from Ranger and Assassin main, how do you manage the encounters. Im so used to going in, calling target and balling the mobs. With caster it's a bit different. I don't really have a good engage. Do you work with melee heroes, or maily rely on minions to do the right thing?

    anyway, looking for some hot takes!


  • Realistically with strong enough heroes you don't even need a player build for doing all vanquishes, missions, and dungeons in nm/hm save a few. I personally enjoy Assassin's Promise with Death necro spamming things like putrid explosion and bile. Another fun necro build that isn't fully meta is Icy Veins, fun to stack the hex on a few balled foes and watch the deaths cascade. Each of these playstyles I find more interactive than MM and don't rely on the new PvE elite, though soul taker scythe is typically regarded well among necro players and the anniversary event is coming up so now is a good chance to get decked out with the soul reaping scythe.

    When it comes to aggro management and calling targets, the basics are the same with either frontline or backline professions, get used to max casting range (just a little farther than aggro range) and you should come out on top of most encounters.

    Since you have finished nf you should invest some time and resources to kitting out heroes, they aren't as necessary in proph but will make the campaign go much faster but you will be wishing you had a strong team to get through eotn and the dungeons in that campaign.

    You can message me in game on Smallish Dayz if you want some help getting set up or for some company on the playthrough, I have a few characters left that are working towards GWAMM

  • Blood Magic can put out decent damage with something like this. Bring Dark Aura on a hero, and probably more healing than you would normally. That's just an example; there are plenty of other things you can do if you prefer. Maybe Vampiric Swarm or Touch over SoLS, though you'd likely be BiP dependant. I haven't experimented with such alternatives extensively.

    Edit: actually, I suspect the better option would be to drop Mystic Regeneration for either of those options so you can max out soul reaping instead. You can bring Life Transfer instead if health regen is desired.


  • Are you on gwglobal discord? You can get a LOT of input there (meta and nonmeta). Otherwise you can check the links in my signature for non meta (nec) stuff.