R8TWAY - 8 Ritualist teams

  • Hi, thanks to Gentleman Xander and other people helps i started testing out builds for an 8 ritualists team.

    This is (i think) a good one i came out with so far, thanks to the help of everyone :

    R8TWAY :


    basically all S tier builds for rit : sos/sogm/dwg/st/spirit strenght


    looking for more fun here it is ! In most of the build there are no self weapons, DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL HAVE A WEAPON 90% of the time on you with the R8TWAY.

    please in any of the self build feel free to swap pve skills if you want

    Let me know if you have any suggestion on the team build to make it better ?

  • You might consider running “We Shall Return” on any of the Rt/Ps if you’re looking to have an instant ress. With BiP it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

    And always happy to help 😜

    Thank you def' should it fix one problem too. It's a very high mana skill tho, that might be a problem if hero doesnt have enough mana

    Do the shouts work on spirits ? And on minions ? I guess not it would be too op.

  • Do the shouts work on spirits ? And on minions ? I guess not it would be too op.

    Shouts dont work on spirits. I think they do work on minions though.


    Minions are just as much allies as the others, i.e. anyone who is "green" and "active", who can take damage from enemies, apart from spirits (who are considered dead or from another dimension?). But, some Shout or Chant targets party members only (e.g. "Never Surrender" or Anthem of Flame), as described above.

    Minis are also considered allies. But this only concerns the mini from launcher of Shout or Chant for the Skills bonus.

    I'd like to add a theory: the minis' movements and limits are coded and/or modelled on those of the players. This is also what causes the minis bug, having: an LvL, the number of characters in the group, via an icon above them or can die (see the wiki here). Because they're considered by the game to be allies and minis at the same time.

    Let's get back on topic :P

  • Thank you for the answers, i think there is definietly something to do with minions / rits paragons that's gonna be the next team imo

    Changed stuffs :

    added a volley ranger Gentleman Xander from your build, honestly one is great but 2 is overkill i prefer by far the rt/para for faster single target clear +deep wound + crit.

    I witnessed the volley ranger shoot x4 people with splinter weapon +" go for the eyes" +" find their wikness" lets just say it deals some DMG in aoe LOL

    still 2 splinter for hero, they actually place their weapons on people with martial weapons, at least for splinter weapons, which is great !

    Vital weapon added on ST rit to boost team hp + make sure that sp have at all time a weapon.

    2 painfull bond cause dps is done a lot by spirits, it's needed imo as hero dont place them well. That is best a player job anyway.

    also added : reponsabilisation on bip necro, gives +10 mana to both healer which isnt bad and helps BIP having better mana

    it's really fun to try all that : D

  • Sight Beyond Sight is redundant with AScan, except that it functions as a cover enchant.

    I'd be inclined to bring GDW to add some crowd control to your ranged units. This also may mean you won't need the second splinter on the BiP, which is significantly less good at 11 than 14+.

    Some of the listed attributes clearly aren't correct. Idk if you had intended that to be the case.

  • Kinda like the sight beyond sight, cause like you said it cover ench, which help me keep spirit strength safe.

    Asura scan makes you imblockable but you still can be blind.

    I agree with you tho it could be replace by something else.

    Drunken master can also be replaced by something else if I just take a red rock or something.

    I have troubles for the second splinter and painfull bond :

    Painfull bond : if the hero mess up the bond your spirits deal half less DMG... and they often do. I have still 8 attacking spirits.

    Splinter : what a pleasure to NOT have to spam on yourself or anyone else a splinter. Just go in the fight hero spam it on me.

    But yes it's less DMG, it stress my main healer and bip on the mana, and I am salty not to use a GDW as it's the best weapon in game by far.

    Let me know if you see any solution 😛

    In the first build i only did that : put GDW and painfull bond on player bar, so you can distress healer and place them nicely but then you can't be spirit strength anymore yourself 😛

  • Asura scan makes you imblockable but you still can be blind.

    Scan asura will work with Blind. Because Blind means a 90% chance of missing your attack. Only the "Line of sight" elements make the attack impossible.


    This hex only applies to attacks that would otherwise miss or be blocked; it does not prevent hits from straying, being obstructed, or being dodged.

  • Even if the PvXWiki site doesn't mention it, it's very practical in Imbagon. But unconventional for most players..

  • updated the build with what i have now i like this one with a para. I cleared the market, terrain can be a bit annoying sometimes, the healers are too stressed in big battle i need to remove the second splinter and the second painfull bond.

    Painfull bond really make the dps way higher if it's well placed.... and often it's not by hero. The best would of course be for me to play Sos but how boring.................. no i cant do it :p

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  • Can swap indeed the splinter from self player with gdw, which is by far the most op weapons anyway, ty tho i agree with you guys it has to be there. IF ONLY GDW COULD BE SELF APPLYABLE LOL.

    Other wise from the 2 VQ i did even for 3 Spirit strenght ritualist 2 splinter is enough. You will anyway have 90% of the time a weapon on you with the vital weapon on the ST rit.