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    Yes, but no.

    To represent the invasion of robots in GW, you don't have to portray robots as beings superior in size and strength to small humans. In fact, the opposite is true. You'd have to illustrate humans trying to crush little shits like ants. Because robots compared to humans are little shits in both form and content. And no matter how much we trample them, they come back to invade us en masse. The scale of the illustration would then be more accurate.

    Is Guild Wars going to die soon? Legacy is like dead comparing to last year.

    Hopefully yes, most left on this forum are clapping for botted items because they, themselves, bot.

    Guild Wars died a long time ago. Since the exodus to Guild Wars 2 (~2012), robots have taken over the game and its economy. And no, there'll never be any going back.

    Now there are still a few non-robot players who don't buy items for IRL money, and a lot of hypocrites. And yes, for a little over a year now it has deteriorated considerably, the prices is just no sense.

    What a stand up fellow :angel:

    Edit: Neutral_CH Ah oops... Cheers for the headsup ^^

    Prices fluctuate so wildly from one day to the next, it's easy to see that it's all a big joke. Between those who try to accommodate people with lower prices. Who then have to be the same ones selling at way too high a price.

    Probably people who don't know how to use their instruments IRL. That's got to turn them on a bit.

    In the end, between hacks and virtual inflation (kamadan trade chat), it seems that they're only interested in converting to real money. Pathetic, considering all the other money-making possibilities IRL. They're a bunch of small-time gamblers. They're playing with marbles.

    Edit: San If you want to hide a name in the chat, don't leave it visible at the bottom on "whisper ^^

    Zhed is one of the 5 special 7th birthday minis. Apart from these, nothing beats a few ectos (1-5e max) among the birthday minis.

    The time to sell it in game isn't enough (time/money ratio), and even less here, because you have to give a date or meet IG, etc. In short, it's a waste of time, you might as well give it away.

    Moreover, even in terms of response, it's a waste of time, which is why people no longer respond to these PCs on these types of objects (mini-anniversaries, drop Z chest, etc.). ^^


    Without wishing to discourage you from your quest, it's very very difficult (impossible?) to find 20/20s corresponding to the attribute, for skins such as Wayward Wand and Platinium Wand, for example. To find a 20/20 screen in this case, whatever the requirement, is already in a sense a feat.

    I wish you the best of luck :cookie:

    A lot of fun.

    I understood what you meant, the wiki on The Deep page, sums it up more simply and technically:


    With two players, one flags their first three heroes to gate one (far right) and flag the rest of the heroes back at the wooden gate. Once all two/three players are inside Room Two, unflagging the heroes will cause them all to rejoin the players after a short delay.

    To test it, just go to the beginning of The Deep, Flag the heroes on the active teleport, then cancel the flag and it works. Just for fun, yes you do it 4 times and get stuck at the beginning of The Deep, no more active teleport, kind of a bad joke :D

    Now technically? I do have a theory that covers what i said in point 2 of my previous message ->

    It's interesting to note that they reappear at the original location intended as the starting point (coord. X/Y) for each "zone" separated by teleportation. Before the 4 teleports, in the starting "zone" where you appear after downloading The Deep instance. After the 4 teleports, they arrive at the teleport circle. Heroes were not planned when The Deep was coded. As pointed out in point 2 of my previous commentary, heroes are sometimes capable of overriding the normal physical rules of the game. Here we have an example that is both extreme and explicit. So, the heroes are trying to reach you, they're looking for the shortest route, the rest is of secondary interest to them. I'm talking in terms of the code resolution that governs GW. And here, the game's code not having provided for it; hero functions in The Deep, particularly on teleporters that don't work as they do elsewhere. That is, when you engage them, they don't automatically teleport your heroes with you. The game, the code, gives them access of functionality, to use the teleportation function to join you. Right on the nearest matching point to you in this zone, the vertical teleporter.

    That's great, but it only works because The Deep has unique teleports in the game. At least i think so, i can't think of any other example where you, as a player, can use a teleport, which won't also teleport your heroes automatically with you or whether they're on the map. And even in the case of other similar elements, without teleporters in The Deep, it's more the code that governs it in its entirety that's lacking and enables this feat, not just the teleporters (to ponder...)

    Edit: On reflection, it's the same principle as when you remove the Flag and the heroes are far, far away, coming back to you at compass level in a matter of seconds. Except that The Deep seems to calculate these distances differently, between you and him. As a result, even close heroes are teleported.

    Hum, i don't know if this is in line with your question, it's basic:

    • Heroes who pass through a teleportation portal will return to you automatically, whatever your position on the map. (Simple test: exit a city, flag heroes "in the city" through the portal, heroes will teleport back to you once the portal is passed. Note: they then forget to reposition themselves on the previously placed flag). Exceptions exist, such teleports in the Tyrian desert.

    • When a door is closed and the heroes are out of the compass, names grayed out (if this is the case in your example (?), the game no longer calculates them in the same way in terms of their movements and use of builds (reduction of physical calculations / distance). If you release the flag, move it or place it after an obstacle (door), they can find their own way through these obstacles. In this situation, they can also pass through places that players can only pass through with great difficulty, if at all.

    Zehtuka's items

    Originally, there was the spoiler text below, concerning the Zehtuka's Pack drop rate:

    Zehtuka Pack - Theory(s)

    Well, this run isn't static. Despite the idea i had, it seems to depend on the character AND the account.

    Don't get me wrong, every time i had a PvE character on one of my 2 main accounts who hadn't had a Zehtuka item (and who had never even been in that zone, but not very important), i'd make a few trips to that zone (Poisoned Outcrops) alone (no one in the group) and after the bridge, he'd always be there, without exception, and that's been the case for years. I now count 13 dropped in this area. Including the tests of the last few days.

    It had become a ritual, a habit, i didn't even question whether it would work or not. And interestingly (or not...) it was always between ~40-50 runs, not on the 100th, not on the 2nd, not on the 17th, etc, always in this range. Skeptics will say it was just luck, but over more than 10 packs, nevertheless interesting to note, no? And luck can also be provoked, if that's possible.

    When i posted in the topic: How did Guild Wars treat you today? I wanted to do some more tests to be sure that the farm was static and could therefore be repeated with a character as i described above and still between ~40-50 tries. In the last 2 days, i've created 6 characters, which i've run there, with 3 different accounts. But after 2 characters on the second main account, it no longer fell that way. It still fell, but after about 100 runs. I took a blank account (never used) and run a character there. I didn't get it until the 85th run, not between ~40-50. On closer inspection, the more runs you make on the same account, the greater the number of runs, with the added factor of luck, of course.

    My theory is that it works with a time factor on top of everything else. When i used to do it, it was every 6 months / 1 year, no more. Here, i've pushed my luck with several characters over just 2 days. In my opinion, a test with blank account tends to suggest that the "state of the account" is also responsible for luck. It reminds me of the treasures in Nightfall. It takes a while to get something back into those chests (reset). And once you do, even if it's still luck, you'll (probably/surely) have a better drop with a newly created character who's never opened it. Not to mention that the gold in it increases over time, reaching a ceiling at some point. Once again, even if it's all down to luck, you can always put it on your side.

    So now I'll have to wait and retest, if i get them again, still in the ~40-50 runs range, if I let 2-3 months go by. Let me remind you, they never fell the 1st time, nor the 5th, nor the 10th, nor before ~40-50, in the years i've been doing it, i've had 9 this way with characters who'd never had it. Those who got it, never got it a second time, even after hundreds of tries, although that doesn't mean it's impossible.

    That's all there is to it. Sorry if i put myself forward too much, i was wrong. But i think that digging into these options and tests will prove interesting over time. After 6 test characters and seeing the number of cross on the sheets next to me, hundreds of runs in this area... i'm taking a break :D i can't see this area in paint anymore!

    Note: Please count the number of runs in the case of tests on your side.

    Now several points, in relation to what has been said in spoiler:

    • I managed to get Zehtuka's Pack with a character who had already had it once. I was in HM with heroes. Maybe the HM and the favor, participate in the drop rate of Zehtuka's items in this area. I had a higher drop rate when considering the 3 Zehtuka items in this area. Zehtuka's Jug seems to be more often present in HM. The Zehtuka Jug has a higher drop rate than the other 2 items
    • Even so, this path is the most interesting for Zehtuka items. It's easy to access, allows you to get all 3 Zehtuka items (I'm not counting Zehtuka's Great Horn, which is static and can be easily obtained en masse).
    • There are plenty of chests in the way if you want to link this search to Chestrun (0-4 in the way).
    • I've never had more than one object at a time in the instantiated zone.

    out of eden? why no be more specific and clear, I am confused.

    I may be wrong here, but i believe he's talking about Crystal Overlook and Zehtuka's Pack quest

    No, it's just that to run new test characters to the NF Sulfurous Wastest, the shortest way is to create them from Eden, nothing more. ^^

    Anyway, we'll look at all that in a dedicated topic, i'll be creating one on Zehtuka items shortly.

    During the favor, on a full moon day, i drink a grog and use Lunar Fortune... no, i'm kidding :p

    I had shared this, but to see no one succeeded (?) hence my great astonishment, because there's nothing magical about it. I think they weren't doing it exactly like me.

    I'm going to run a few more characters to work out a little tutorial and establish some rules. Basically getting a new character out of Eden -> Desert of Sulphur and getting one takes ~3 hours (3 hours from creation to drop pack). But, importantly, you can only have 1 per character. You don't need to run through this place 10,000 times, you'll never get a second one.

    out of eden? why no be more specific and clear, I am confused.

    If you dislike directly my post and then ask a question, it's not going to make me want to answer you, and it's not going to make me want to create a little tutorial to explain it to the community. I'd also like to point out that i'm translating into English, as i'm not fluent in that language. Please be patient or ask a question before judging, thank you.

    My good old technique [...]

    care to elaborate?:/

    During the favor, on a full moon day, i drink a grog and use Lunar Fortune... no, i'm kidding :p

    I had shared this, but to see no one succeeded (?) hence my great astonishment, because there's nothing magical about it. I think they weren't doing it exactly like me.

    I'm going to run a few more characters to work out a little tutorial and establish some rules. Basically getting a new character out of Eden -> Desert of Sulphur and getting one takes ~3 hours (3 hours from creation to drop pack). But, importantly, you can only have 1 per character. You don't need to run through this place 10,000 times, you'll never get a second one.

    sadly going for os for 10vs xx shields is usually a bad option: the mod is counted as bonus armor, which is capped at +25 and often a build has at least an armor boosting skill that then makes the shield mod useless. inscs +10ar are consodered as core armor and hence do not suffer from the cap. sad game mechanics.

    So, if this is confirmed, then i don't understand certain prices (apart for rarity/collection) like for example with OS shields vs Demon. Edit: after rereading my last sentence, i've come to the conclusion that i don't understand the prices on this game today anyway :D


    I couldn't understand why some of my inscribable shields refused to add the +30HP, which i add last, in the "right" order:

    I found a discussion on the wiki page, which gives no answer: Talk:Shield: Order of mods, bug ? And i found the answer! .. I don't know whether i'm going to teach someone something or revisit something i've already seen 10,000 times. When you apply an inscription: Armor +10 VS xxx, this will inevitably take last place among the 2 shield mods. Example with the same shield and a different inscription from the first example:

    So there's no need to pull your hair out, pray to the 5 gods or buy another shield, it all depends on the mods and nothing else. All that remains is to find you OS shields with the right order for the mods: armor +10 VS xxx. Note: it's the same with focus inscr.

    Afaik only party members affect drops, heroes are such, but summons/npcs are "allies" therefore they should not.

    As for an invocation, it's in the group window under: allies (whether allies influence the drop remains to be seen).

    Here, Kormir is an ally, but he's invincible and not in the group window. Hence the doubt about allies in the group window and allies outside the group window.


    I'd seen posts saying that summons, such as Legionnaire Charr, lowered the drop rate, as did heroes. I haven't seen anything official about this and was wondering if Kormir, as a pnj in a co-op and not taken into account in the group window list [P] could also lower the drop rate. What about it?

    Updated 05.01.2024:

    • Indexing added, including for "redirects" in tutorials.
    • Various error corrections. Clearer, more concise version.
    • Added some explanatory elements.

    Tutorials added:

    • A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp)
    • B4: Protector of Tyria (38000xp - native of Cantha or Elona required)
    • B5: Legendary Skill Hunter (2000xp access to Capitals boat/travel required)
    • C5: Blindfold (0xp - EOTN required)
    • C6: Crown (0xp - EOTN required)
    • D1: Chalice of Corruption effect (6000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)
    • D2: Polymock (0xp - EOTN required)

    With music it's more classy

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