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    (I didn't know where to post it exactly and creating a new thread for it, bof).

    How did ChatGPT treat you today? "He's a big loser!"

    I couldn't help myself, not thinking i actually have a "real" answer, just for fun. But the hack/issue/bug/glitch help also applies via ChatGPT responses..


    I was hesitating to make a video in addition to the Chest Run tutorial, well, this way i don't have to do it anymore ^^ The only difference is that i only open chests that can potentially contain Ghostly Staves, not the others.

    A note: at 5:52, you say that q8 drops don't fall, i'm thinking specifically of the skins named in the title. I've had Ghostly Staves q8 Purple, even one with 20% recharge base, which is pretty rare. If you want to have Eternal Shield 16 armor q8 blue or other low requirements, you can also farm the first 2 groups of Terrorweb Dryder at the mission: Gate of Pain. But the recipes are meager.

    To finish, interesting skin question, do not forget that you can also have: Istani shield (i had 2 on ~8000 chests :D)

    I strongly advise against asking for prices via an automatically downloadable pdf. I don't think you are a malicious mind, but when in doubt some like me will not download it. An image with the options built into the forum is in any case easier.

    Yes, my message contradicts the charter, no price, i just give advice to a newcomer.

    When EOTN was released, the raptor farm literally killed the price of elemental swords. Before EOTN = Hoooo he has one! After EOTN = Humm he has one (the big noob who shows off with his noob sword..)

    It reminds me at the time that i paid my eternal blade q9 100e (ursanways period, you remember? ^^)..

    This is very cool.

    500xp to be exact you’d save

    250xp not 500xp :saint: (this is the gain for the minimum requirement of the mission Chahbek Village, if you don't use the Gate Glitch to go to Kamadan with 0xp)

    It takes 21.000xp to reach level 7, so it is mandatory to use a Dialogue (TB++) for FoW quests (20.000xp) or/and to avoid at least 2000xp from cantha, in order to be below level 7.

    Leaving Eden with 750xp (or 500xp with TB++) or arriving in Kamadan with 250xp or 0xp, will not make any difference.

    For the armor at level 1, you have to get to Naphui under 1000xp and use dialogue functions for FoW.

    okay lol

    Apologies for my input; the king of low level obsidian armor has spoken.

    There is only one way to do this, and it’s his.

    You are mistaken in my intentions. I am not the best and there are many ways to do it. I complete your information that are not complete, this is also what i did via my tutorial. My goal is to communicate, not to be clever.

    No worries

    Not sure what you mean by “correct” other than it’s a dissertation for a doctorate and you wrote it, lol.

    Nothing I wrote is incorrect, I’ve literally got 15 characters with level 7 obsidian armor and did it all myself, just like how I described.

    By this i mean mistakes (example: not only NF natives have the possibility to do this). And if the goal is to do it with the lowest xp/level, your procedure has elements that can be eliminated (example: Chahbek Village, Finding the Oracle). It doesn't matter how many Obsidian Armor you have created.

    Sorry i couldn't help but correct it. You can find the exact and detailed procedures here ->

    There are also other armor challenges besides the Obsidian Armor ;)

    (Note: you can keep a runner for Obsidian Armor (N/Mo). Run this character from NF to Kamadan without quest (0xp). Then continue the quests, until: Time is High. TB++ -> Kaineng (keep: Time is High) -> Closer to the Stars (keep it too).

    This will allow you to run a new NF player to Kamadan (oxp) using the combo: Aura of the Lich + Verata's Aura + Comtemplation of Purity (+5 in death magic). Then bring this person to Naphui. Unfortunately it is not possible to have both The Time is High quest and Mhenlo's quests for access to Kaineng and Lion's Arch.)

    Technically, once created, even before the first download starts (right after you click on: create), your level is 1. But, between that moment and the moment when you will have control of it, it goes back to level 0, then back to level 1. Yes, it's strange.

    I can make level 0, but it will go back to level 1 after a while. You would have to "work" during download and setting up the elements (NPCs, constraints, etc) before the character appears in the area (geographical placement). It's like layers of priorities and interactions, depending on who and what should be calculated in the instance being prepared. The help of a third party software to have the list of GW servers (between 3 and 6) linked to the gw.exe and TB++ and /*** and .DAT minimum, etc, allows some "bugs/exploits" in case of a break/cut/stop. But as this does not respect the contract of use with GW, i let you guess the rest..