• Hello guys,

    During my journey to get myself the perfect low req daggers I've come across quite a few low req items which I thought some of you might like:). For your ease I've numbered the items (a picture is added to this message).

    All of these items are up for auction - the auctioning of these items will work as following:

    1. Bidding is only accepted in ecto's or armbraces (a rate of 1a = 38e is used to calculate rivaling bids in different currencies).

    2. Items will only be sold if there is a serious bid (this differs per items - I withhold the right to not sell an item if there is no serious bid)

    3. After receiving a serious bid the item will stay up for auction for 48 hours - or until someone else offers more in which case the 48 hours will restart

    4. After 48 hours of not receiving any higher bids than the last one (in case it is deemed serious) the item will be sold to the highest bidder

    5. The 48 hours are not 100% strict as the times I am offline might differ

    Let me know if anything is unclear or if you'd like to see the item in game

    ign: tietgoeie assasin

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    Changed the title of the thread from “WTS assortment of low req max (or 1 point-off max) insc weapons and shields” to “CLOSED”.
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