WTS Unded Asura - Perfect Mods and a ton of Greens

  • Hi all,

    Want to clear some inventory space and say goodbye to my mini unded Asura as well.

    (Selling stuff for the first time on GWLegacy)

    It ain't legendary stuff but tbh I can use the cash and the space so here's the list.


    Unded Lich

    Unded Asura

    Perfect Mods:

    Strength and Honor x1

    Forget me Not

    Focus Core of Fortitude / Aptitude / Swiftness

    Shield Handle of Endurance (+45 in a stance)

    Vampiric / Sundering / Zealous Bowstrings

    Sundering / Zealous / Fortitude (x2) / Enchanting Dagger mods

    Wand Wrapping of Memory

    Insightful Staff Head

    Swordsmanship Hilt

    Enchanting Bow Grip


    Murakai's Reaver

    Deldrimor Javelin

    Mallyx's Recurve Bow

    Urgoz's Shortbow

    Jadam's Spear

    Wing's Axe

    Thornbeard's Hornbow

    Forgotten Shield (str)

    Prismatic Rod

    Shattered Illusion

    Heleyne's Insight

    Exalted Aegis (tac)

    Droknar's Sword

    Ilsundur's Rod

    Ceremonial Spear

    IGN: Kryth Vocans as seen in my signature.

    Have fun y'all.

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