Dungeon/Running Service.

  • Hello. I am offering Dungeon and Outpost Running Services.

    The Dungeons i am running are the following ones:

    Kathandrax 10 e HM/12 e NM

    Sepulchre 8e HM/10 e NM

    Oolas 8 e HM/10 e NM

    Ooze 8 e HM/10 e NM

    Darkrime 10 e HM/12 e NM

    Rragars 12 e HM/14 e Nm
    Outpost Runnings are the following ones:

    From Ascalon City To Droknars 2 e for every pitstop/town what i have.

    I am using Pcons and Cons, I Solo the Dungeons and the Outpost Running.

    Payment Before/After the requested service done, your choice.

    If you have any questions you can contact me ingame or leave a message here.

    Ingame name Hanah Sin

    For the last i dont like troublemakers, so if you ask for a service make sure you want it, and dont do any trouble for me. I have a reputation as a Runner. Scammers/Troublemakers are honored with a perma ignoring list. Thank you.