Hell's Precipice Chest Run HM A/R

  • Uploaded the same build that still works like a charm from several years ago.

    This is my all time favourite chest run/build, it's got a mixture of frisky moments and excitement that will always keep you on your toes.

    I am not the original creator of this build.

    Roughly takes 3.5 minutes per 3 chests.




    YMLAD on all burning titans, if 2 are on you, cycle YMLAD on them off cd.

    IAU + Shadow sanct on double burning titans when opening chest.

    Watch out for Wild Blow when refreshing SF with DP.


    Magmas shields, Raven staves, Undead weapons and Runes.

    may the chest run gods bless you all

  • Heya !

    it's one of my favourite CR aswell.

    I don't use shadow sanctuary but heart of shadow instead.

    At the very beggining, you don't need to cast SF + shroud for the first 2 foes, just run, YMLAD on burning titan and go, they will follow you for a bit but they are harmless (will save you couple of seconds).

    You can also take some heroes.

    For the 3rd group (after the lych with quickening zephir), don't use your death charge, keep it in case the imps on your left are close enough to TP on them.

    Then at the following group (the boss) I'm going up the little hill, and HoS downstairs, it will allow you to slow the rotation of the burning titan in case you have a chest in the group with 2 burning titans.

    After that the run is straight forward.

    Can mention to be carefull with fire imp and their inferno.

    And YMLAD also works on the hands of the titans

  • TongTong

    Casting sf is fine at the start is fine, its personal preference if you dont want the risen ash hulk to stick on you longer than he should by casting spells on you, its only a few seconds.

    I don't take heroes for a few reasons which are:

    - they pull aggro

    - they soak hits which you need for storm chaser e management

    - micromanagement

    I don't go up the hill as a shortcut because you will automatically go past that area when you take my route, you cover 4 possible spawn points compared to 2.

    Also appreciate if you stop backseating. Thanks.

  • Risen hulk will loose it's aggro before you reach the lych, but yes indeed it's just a few seconds.

    Heroes usually die before the first boss, they "steal" the hits for 2 groups of foes max and no micro management needed.

    However the +50 speed boost from Charge or whatever is always nice.

    And by the hill I mean this one :

    The burning titan will take the aggro and start following you around, you'll have time to cast all your ench on top still getting energy with stormchaser.

    It will help you if you have a chest spawning on the left, better have 2 burning titans to deal with than 3.

    I wasn't "backseating" just giving you feedback and share my experience.

    If you don't want those, I guess don't post.

  • What you just posted is useless, there is no point going up the hill and here you are talking about wasting time.

    You can already scan the left area for a chest at the start and when you pass the first boss just fine.

    If you are pulling 3 burning titans then you are already doing something wrong, I've never had to deal with 3 burning titans if you are using your skills correctly. There is only 2 possible situations you will encounter 2 at the same time.

    Speed boost is capped at 33%, did you know?

    And you are back seating, you are trying to tell me to run something I've done thousands of times your way, it's quite obnoxious, maybe you don't realize you are doing it.

  • i usually don't bother arguing on stupid comments. but dude you got to chill. Tong was just giving his opinion on a run. if you dont want people to comment your post you better not post at all. write that you did that run 1000+ times and that you dont want any other opinions.

    there is no criticism in his posts whatsoever.
    if you read it like that you better think about your interpretation skills man. thats some salt you are spreading here.

    everything tong said makes sense and there is usefull advice to new / not so experienced players there.

    and maybe you dont realize that you are the one back seating

  • ...

    Speed boost is capped at 33%, did you know?


    Just to correct that part: speed boost, added up from several skills and/or cons/pcons, is capped at 33%.

    If a single skill like Dash (what TongTong meant with Charge I guess) exceeds this cap (Dash got 50% movement speed), then you will get that even if its beyond that 33% cap.