Bug Report / Options [F11] interface + Panel minions list

  • Hi, as i don't know English very well, i will keep it concise with an online translator. For the little story, i was victim of a bug after i bought a new screen with a higher resolution and wanted to re-organize my interface in GW. The bug is very strang.. by the non-regular manner of being executed, as well as by these properties. I have already seen some having it, but no one talking about the origin of the problem. There are still some mysteries, I can update this subject if necessary.

    /!\ do not re-create this bug directly, read before! (If the translations are not good if you have any ideas to add, don't hesitate to let me know.).


    when you create a character on a slot (in the rule; the slot didn't already have the bug or used the minions list panel) the minions list panel appears by default in the middle of the screen. example (not realistic) on the image below->


    you also notice that by pressing the key associated to the minions list panel several times, this one has a "no listing" version and another larger version that can appear ->


    This panel doesn't have the same properties as the pets panels, it doesn't stay where you placed it last. Clearly this window has a problem with the rest of the interface.

    Create bug

    The technique to cause the bug as much as to remove or move it is not 100% reliable. With exactly the same protocols I get a different result. But the basic idea is the key to understand it. So, depending on your luck or bad luck, you will have to start the procedures again...

    1. Open panel minions list and option [F11] -> tab: interface.

    2. Now, move the small version of the minions list panel (press Z several times until it appears) and resize there (height, width), preferably in another existing interface (here compass). re-press Z several times to find the minions panel in small version and then resize it again without moving it. (note: sometimes simply moving the panel is enough...)


    3. Now wherever you are, with panel minions list and F11 window: interface open, travel, teleport through the guild hall or through any portal. It doesn't matter if you're in an outpost zone or not, it won't matter, you just need a map to load.

    4. Result: If the bug is successful and even if you close the minions list panel after each trip it will reappear there. It will never disappear. Worse, it's not related to the account or the character, but to the slot!

    gw249_autoscaled.jpg Same slot after bug with new caracter -> gw252_autoscaled.jpg

    5. Notes: the result is never sure, even if the procedures mentioned above are followed to the letter. Moving and resizing the minions list panel with [F11] interface,gives various results. You might need 10 tries to create the bug, as one, ditto to get rid of it.

    Here I may edit the subject again, but the idea is there. It can happen stupidly. For my part, from a front post to a zone, because the mission map [U] did not appear in the front post to put it back in my interface... basically all the windows were open at the time of TP with the interface window...

    Hoping to help some who would tear their hair out with it. Good game!

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