The Halcyon Job - Kill: Senkai, Lord of the 1,000 Daggers Guild

  • Note: This is not a tutorial on the Halcyon farm. I simply present an alternative to the traditional M/W route.

    Hi, after several requests I publish this small subject. My English is still as bad as ever, therefore I made a video. This video is quickly edited, I don't normally publish. In this video, the build is not mandatory, but the position in the corner is. The sooner the boss dies, the less likely you are to fail.

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    Build: OwQTc4nCR6ualoe4uMPYPAgQeAA (DF=11 / 8+3, Prot=14 / 10+3+1, Curses=12).

    Equipment: 110HP (55HP without focus -50HP) + caster weapon (+20%ench Ene+5) and focus 20/20 prot.

    In 2 words:

    - Attacking the enemy that is targeted by SS will increase the damage speed. (He counterattacks faster)

    - Use a weapon that doesn't do any damage. (Syncronized kills)


    - Misplacement of enemies in the corner.

    - Chest near the boss, change the movement of reinforcements located at the same position.

    - Bad luck! (1-3% of the time).