hGt´s WTB list | Echovald Shield +1smite (20%) -2wE | q8str Sun and Moon Shield & much more stuff PLS LOOK :D

  • In general im interested in +1 Attribute Shields with ench based second mod (-2wE/+XXhp wE or XXhp, sometimes 5/20)! Skin is what matters most to me so im willing to buy imperfect mods if i like the skin. Skins i like most are Echovald, Guardian of the Hunt, Crude Shield & Exalted Aegis

    Also i got myself a little collection of q8 7-16 Daggers and i wouldnt mind to see it grow :D So if u have any q8 7-16 Daggers let me know! No matter if white, blue, purple or gold, os/insc.

    OS Stuff:


    Must have:

    Echovald Shield +1smite(20%) -2wE any req ... rly need that one to complete my set :) ofc i would prefer q9tac but any req is welcome!!

    (also interested in q9tac +1heal20% -2wE, q9tac only ...can trade for high req one+what ever, if needed)


    OS Ivory Bow / Grinning Recurve Bow q9 +5e (q9 only)

    OS Guardian of the Hunt +10 -2wE any req

    Echovald Shields +1(20%) -2wE any req

    OS Monk Offhands with mixed dualmods heal/prot/smite/df mods. Please show what u have! (for example: Healing Ankh 19%hsr Prot, 19%hct heal)

    OS Monk Offhands with +15/-1 +1heal/smite/df/prot (19 or 20%) [for example: Divine Symbole +15e-1 +1df (20%)]

    20/20 Heal/Smite Cockatrice Staff (also interested in other 20/20)

    OS Wayward Wands & Straw Effigys

    Chaos Axe q9 +5e

    q9str -2wS 30hp / -2wS 45wS Gloom Shield, Guardian of the Hunt, Exalted Aegis, Emblazoned Defender

    q8 Flatbow any skin 14wS or 14-10ar (id love to find a ironwing but id take what ever i can find^^)

    (those q8 bows must have 14% mod, wont be interested in any others since i need them to "complete" a set ^^)

    q8 14vs Hexed Shortbow any skin

    Insc Stuff:

    q8 gold Shield of the Lion (wont need blue)

    INSC Shadow Blades (not interested in os)

    Topaz Scepter q9df

    BDS q13 heal (q13 only)

    Greater Summit Axes (no Summit Axe)

    Straw Effigy q9/10 spawn gold insc

    Wayward Wands q9-10 df/spawn

    Also im interested in all kinds of "odd" stuff, like naked weapons or non max dmg end chest drops. Im mainly after rare/semi rare skins. If the skin only comes with insc and its naked or if its supposed to be max dmg and it isnt, im potentially interested! Ive got stuff like q9 7-16 insc Dragon Damas, naked Astral Staff, non max Silverwing, etc just to give you an idea of what im looking for.



    Ice Breaker

    Hammer of Justice

    Potentially interested in WiK greens


    Necro Offhand (req death/blood) - hsr/hct death or +1death singlemod is fine, but ofc i wouldnt mind if it has a second mod :P ... anything better than q0 +6e +1death 12% im probably interested in haha

    my unded Polar vs your ded Polar+arms (pm what amount you think is fair)

    :thumbup: Please let me know if u have any of those! Just tell me your price and ill see if i can pay it. :thumbup:

    IGN: Qu Xji


    ign: Katze Kami

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