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    IGN: Mar Cha

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    Staves (Hsr 20%, Energy +10, Dmg 11-22)
    A1Air Staff (normal)9 Air MagicHct 20% Air
    A2Water Staff (core)9 Water MagicHct 20% Water236g
    A3Fire Staff (core)9 Fire MagicHct 20% Fire400g
    A4Plagueborn Staff10 Divine
    Hct 10%372g
    A5Celestial Staff10 Earth Magic
    Hct 10% 228g
    A6Forbidden Staff10 Domination MagicHct 10% 236g
    A7Holy Staff13 Divine FavorHct 20% Prot204g
    A8Bo Staff4 Curses Dmg 9-15; Hsr 15%; Energy +7; Hct 10%
    A9Zodiac Staff10 Air MagicHct 10%248g
    Wand and Foci
    B1Smiting Rod10 Smiting Prayers
    Energy +15 /-1; Hsr 9%212g
    B2Air Wand11 Air Magic Hct Air 20%; Hsr Fire 19% 336g
    B3Plagueborn Scepter9 Domination Dmg 11-21 Hct 10%; Hsr Domination Magic 20%172gsold
    B4Grim Cesta
    10 Death Magic +10vs Undead; Hsr 19% 260g
    B5Protective Icon9 Protection Prayer +5ar vs physical; +1/19% Protection Prayers264g
    B6Spined Focus8 Blood Magic Energy +12 Inscription
    B7Writhing Focus9 Restoration Magic +12e Hsr 10%; Hct Resto 19% 352g
    C0Exalted Aegis11 Tactics +1/19% Earth; +10vs Plants
    C1Skeleton Shield12 Tactics -2^stance; +10vs Demons180g
    C99Skeleton Shield10 Tactics -2^ench; +1/19% Healing Prayers240g
    C2Guardian of the Hunt12 Tactics +1 Prot 20%; -5/19% 352gsold
    C3Emblazoned Defender13 Strength +10vs Dragons -5/20%244g
    C4Ornate Buckler4 Tactics Ar 12 +30Hp; +10vs Dragonssold
    C5Wooden Buckler4 Tactics Ar 11 -3^hexed; +10vs Ogres76g
    C98Round Shield8 Tactics Ar 12 -2^ench; +10vs Demons64g
    C6Round Shield4 Tactics Ar 11
    +10vs Piercing; +60^hexed84gsold
    C7Bronze Shield7 Tactics Ar 13
    -5/20%; +10vs Ogres80g
    C8Wooden Buckler7 Tactics Ar 13
    -2^ench; +10vs Plants84g
    C9Tall Shield4 Tactics Ar 12Purple; Inscription34gsold
    C97Istani Shield7 Strength Ar 15Blue; Inscription53g
    C96Woven Shield8 Strength Ar 16Blue; Inscription51g
    C95Defender7 Strength Ar 15Blue; Inscription62g
    C10Goldleaf Defender7 Motivation Ar 15Blue; Inscription52gsold
    C11Daedal Shield8 Motivation Ar 16Blue; Inscription56g
    C12Ornate Shield9 Tactics -2^stance; +10vs Blunt 340g
    C13Ornate Shield9 Tactics -3^hexed; +44^stance208g
    C14Ornate Shield9 Tactics -2^ench; +43^ench248gsold
    C15Ornate Shield10 Tactics +44^stance; -2^stance440g
    C16Ornate Shield13 Tactics +10vs Ogres; -5/19% 272g
    C17Ornate Shield13 Tactics +30; +1/19% Protection Prayers364gsold
    C18Ornate Shield9 Strength +10vs Dragons; +43^stance252g
    C19Ornate Shield9 Strength -2^ench; +44^ench272gsold
    C20Ornate Shield10 Strength +10vs Earth; -2^ench228g
    C21Ornate Shield11 Strength
    -3^hexed; +60^hexed244g
    C22Ornate Shield12 Strength -2^ench; +10vs Dragons320g
    C23Ornate Shield12 Strength -2^ench; +1/19% Curse256g
    C94Ornate Shield12 Strength +59^hexed; -3^hexed232g
    C93Ornate Shield10 Tactics +44^ench; +1/19% Earth Magic328g
    C24Echovald Shield9 Tactics +9vs Earth; -2^ench388g
    C25Echovald Shield9 Tactics +10vs Piercing; +41^ench260g
    C26Echovald Shield9 Tactics +10vs Plants; -2^stance256g
    C27Echovald Shield9 Tactics -3^hexed, +27324g
    C28Echovald Shield9 Tactics +59^hexed; -3^hexed292g
    C29Echovald Shield10 Tactics -5/20%; +10vs Demons240g
    C30Echovald Shield10 Tactics +1/19% Earth Magic; -2^ench336g
    C31Echovald Shield11 Tactics +10vs Plants; +43^ench236g
    C32Echovald Shield12 Tactics +10vs Demons; +27 300g
    C33Echovald Shield12 Tactics -3^hexed; +59^hexed224g
    C34Echovald Shield13 Tactics +10vs Cold; -2^stance264g
    C35Echovald Shield13 Tactics
    +9vs Demons; -2^ench276g
    C88Echovald Shield9 Strength +1/19% Tactics; -2^stance224g
    C87Echovald Shield9 Strength -5/19%; +30hp240gsold
    C36Echovald Shield10 Strength -3^hexed; +1/20% Air Magic240g
    C37Echovald Shield10 Strength +44^stance; -2^stance232g
    C38Echovald Shield13 Strength +10vs Fire; -2^ench204g
    C39Echovald Shield13 Strength -5/20%; +10vs Piercing308g
    C40Amber Aegis9 Tactics +1/19% Air Magic; -3^hexed204g
    C41Amber Aegis11 Tactics +45^stance; -2^stance216gsold
    C42Amber Aegis11 Tactics -3^hexed; +10vs Blunt244g
    C43Amber Aegis12 Tactics -2^ench; +43^ench268gsold
    C44Amber Aegis10 Strength +43^ench; -2^ench236g
    C45Gothic Defender
    11 Tactics -2^ench; +44^ench296gsold
    C46Gothic Defender
    12 Tactics -2^ench; +44^ench220g
    C92Gothic Defender
    12 Tactics
    +10vs Earth; +43^ench256g
    C91Gothic Defender
    10 Tactics -2^ench; +10vs Slashing372g
    C90Gothic Defender
    11 Tactics -2^ench; +10vs Blunt300gsold
    C89Gothic Defender
    12 Tactics -2^ench; +60^hexed212g
    C47Gothic Defender
    9 Strength +10vs Plants; -2^stance320g
    C48Gothic Defender
    9 Strength -5/20%; +27212g
    C49Gothic Defender
    10 Strength +44^stance; -3^hexed312g
    C50Gothic Defender
    10 Strength +10vs Demons; -2^stance216g
    C51Gothic Defender
    10 Strength -3^hexed; +10vs Cold212g
    C52Gothic Defender
    10 Strength -2^stance; +1/19% Protection Prayers
    C53Gothic Defender
    11 Strength +10vs Earth; -2^ench308g
    C54Gothic Defender
    12 Strength +10vs Slashing; -2^stance248g
    C55Gothic Defender
    12 Strength +10vs Dragons; -3^hexed216g
    C56Gothic Defender
    12 Strength +44^stance; +1/20% Tactics308g
    C57Shield of the Wing13 Tactics +10vs Demons; -2^ench296g
    C58Shield of the Wing13 Tactics +45^ench; +10vs Earth
    C59Eternal Shield10 StrengthReduce Disease 20%; -5/20%240g
    C60Eternal Shield12 Strength +10vs Earth; -2^stance224g
    C61Eternal Shield13 Strength -2^ench; +30Hp324g
    Dagger, Swords, Bows
    D1Brute Sword12 Dmg 14-20 +15% Dmg/-1 Hp reg 3 Life Drain/-1 Hp reg208g
    D2Gothic Sword9 Dmg 15-2250% "}"> +15%>50% 236g
    D3Kamas4 Dmg 5-11 +15%^ench64g
    D5Kamas5 Dmg 6-12 +15%^ench80gSold
    D6Amber Longbow9 Dmg 15-28 +15%^stance392g
    D7Flameberge9 Dmg 15-22 +15%^ench264g
    D8Gothic Sword9 Dmg 15-22 +5e 380g