Chest Clearance higher and lower value items

  • Hi folks,

    I got the following bunch of stuff up for sale. :)

    If applicable, the price in parentheses is the price for which you can buy immediately.

    Feel free to make counter offers. I will contact you ingame, if interested. Leave your IGN.

    Price adjustments up or down not excluded. If not otherwise stated, items have an inscription slot.


    undedicated Kuunavang (19a or 950e) ==> bulk deal: also buy dhuum for total of 35a

    undedicated Dhuum (19a or 950e) ==> bulk deal: also buy kuuna for total of 35a

    undedicated Naga (5a or 250e)

    Bone Dragon Staves:

    Q9 Illusion Magic (29a/1450e)

    Q9 Spawning Power (19a/950e)

    buy both for 5a off = 43a

    Frog Scepters:

    Q9 illusion x2 (15a or 749e each, matching Q9 CCs available ==> get 10% off 18a instead of 20a)

    Q9 inspiration (5a or 249e)

    Q9 communing (8a) (matching Q9 CC available ===> get 10% off 9a instead of 10a)

    Celestial Compasses:

    Q9 Divine Favor (2a or 99e)

    Q9 Healing Prayers (8a or 399e)

    Q9 Smiting Prayers (2a or 99e)

    Q9 Protection Prayers (3a or 149e)

    Bulk deal: get all for 2a off ==> 13a

    Q9 Restoration Magic (2a or 99e)

    Q9 Communing (2a or 99e, matching froggy available)

    Q9 Spawning Power (2a or 99e)

    Special Offer: buy all of them and get a tormented channeling focus for free!

    Q9 Death Magic (2a or 99e)

    Q9 Inspiration Magic (2a or 99e)

    Q9 Illusion Magic x2 (5a or 249e) (matching froggies available ==> get 10% off 18a instead of 20a)

    Q10 Communing (1a or 49e)

    Q10 Smiting Prayers (1a or 49e)

    Q11 Water Magic (25e)

    Q13 Illusion Magic (25e)

    Bulk deal: all of the above for 2a or 99e (33% off)

    Other Items:

    Q9 Voltaic Spear (399e)

    Q9 Obsidian Edge (399e)

    Q10 Obsidian Edge (199e)

    Q12 Emerald Blade (49e)

    Q9 Emerald Edge (29e)

    Demirkovs Judgement (25e)

    Q9 Runic Blade (15e)

    Below 10e/ea: (buy 2 get third for free or all for 5e/ea)

    Q9 Phoenix Blade

    Q9 Highlander Blade

    Q9 Elemental Sword

    Q9 Dadao Sword

    Q9 Katana

    Q9 Flamberge

    Q9 Platinum Broadsword

    Q9 Stormbow x3 (49e/ea)

    Q9 Eternal Bow (49e)

    Tormented Domination Focus + Scepter (79e)

    Tormented Channeling Focus 39e (get it for free if buying all other ritualist attribute CCs, see above)

    Q9 Chromium Shards

    Q9 Savage Daggers

    Q9 Gilded Daggers

    Q9 Oni Daggers

    Q9 Jade Daggers

    Q9 Sai x2

    OS q9 chaos axe 15^50

    Q9 Tribal Axe

    Q9 Blade Axe

    Q9 Archaic Axe

    Q9 Shadow Axe

    OS Q9 Collosal Pick e+5

    Q9 Raven Scythe

    Buy three get cheapest for free:

    Q9 tactics Oaken Shield

    Q9 tactics Demon Aegis

    Q9 tactics Tribal Shield

    Q9 tactics Tall Shield

    Q10 tactics Darkwing Defender

    Q10 tactics Amethyst Aegis

    Q9 strength Guardian of the Hunt

    Q10 strength Eternal Shield

    Q9 command Scarabshell Aegis

    Q11 command Eternal Shield

    Q9 motivation Diamond Aegis

    7th Birthday Presents x137 (these are actual presents from turning 7y/o and tradable)

    15e/ea if buying one or more

    13e/ea if buying 10 or more

    12e/ea if buying 20 or more

    Nicholas' Gifts x150 (4e or 3.7e if taking all =555e)

    Delicious Cakes x309 (1.3e or 1z, 200+ = 1.2e/ea)

    Stack of Destroyer Cores 110e

    Stack of Superb Charr Carvings 110e

    Or both stacks for 198e (10% off)

  • Q9 tactics Oaken Shield 3e

    Q9 tactics Demon Aegis 3e

    Q9 strength Guardian of the Hunt 5e

    Q9 command Scarabshell Aegis 3e

    Q9 motivation Diamond Aegis 3e

    didnt see prices on these but making this offer. please feel free to contact in game on Alexa Jaide.

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