SALE! everything must go! Sweets, items, minipets, ...

  • LIQUIDATE ALL ASSETS! THE MARKET IS A LIE... or something like that

    Minipets (all unded):

    From Presents:

    2e each:
    Eye of Janthir (4x)
    Mad King (5x)
    Gwen (3x)
    Bone Dragon

    1e each:

    Lich (x5)
    Shiro (x3)
    Salma (x2)
    Zhu (4x)

    King-Adelbern (x5)

    Water Djinn (x3)

    Fire Djinn (x2)

    Dagnar (x5)

    White Rabbit

    Rurik (x3)

    Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh (x2)


    Gray Giant c/o - Value estimation : 300e+ / 6a+


    Mad King (x2) 10e/ea

    Destroyer 20e obo

    Keiran 2e


    7a4c420188.png c/o -

    e13bff4385.png c/o -

    e4b1fd4de8.png c/o - 20e (Fat Head)

    a0c65a69f6.png c/o -

    17559861c9.png c/o - 30e (Ingame)

    4d15252e61.png c/o -

    79316cb8e7.png c/o -

    bb837127ff.png c/o -

    8443125eac.png c/o -

    5045ac98d7.png c/o -

    f179e423eb.png c/o -

    39ff43c27b.png c/o -


    Black Dye (x321) 2 for 1 ecto or all for 130e

    White Dye (x315) 5 for 1 ecto or all for 50e

    or 170e both!!!

    Sweets n such: (Preferrably sold together) c/o - 47e (SellingStuff - Value changed after offer dueto selloffs,) b/o - Value estimation : 154e (not counting tot bags, confessors orders and any alcohol/sweet/party)

    Pumpkin cookies (2000) Value estimation : 24e

    Cupcakes (100) Value estimation: 6e

    Eggs (155) Value estimation : 9e

    Absinthe (241) Value estimation : -

    wtiches Brew (229) Value estimation : -

    Chocolate Bunnies (116) Value estimation : -

    Green Candycane (840) Value estimation : 6e

    Red Candycane (250) Value estimation : 3e

    ToT Bags (605) Value estimation : -

    War Supplies (1750+) Value estimation : 28e

    confessors orders (2400+) Value estimation : -

    EoC (85) Value estimation : 47e

    Shining Blade Warhorn (16) Value estimation : 16e
    Shinig blade rations (250+) Value estimation : 3e

    Summoning Stones: (pref. sold together) c/o -

    Automaton (16) Value estimation : 8e

    Mysterious (16) Value estimation : 32e

    Zaishen (8) Value estimation : 4e

    Mercantile (5) Value estimation : 3e

    Ghastly (3) Value estimation : 6e
    Gelatinous (2) Value estimation : 1e

    If Price is not given its on an auction basis.
    wanna sell fast so if i like an offer and there is no better one within 24h i consider the items to be sold. :)

    EDIT: if prices of packages change after an offer dueto selling off single items offers will still be honored but may be retracted, no hard feelings, price changes will be logged

    Sold :
    Party points
    EoC (10)
    Rock Candy
    Res Scrolls

    Rainbow candy

  • B.U.M.P

    Based on PC sticky thread i added lower value estimations for:
    Sweets and such pack
    Gray giant Minipet

    Summoning stones

    also added package price for Black,White and both Dyes

    EDIT 2:
    Updated Value Estimation on Sweets n Such according to Kamadan trade chat logs