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  • Summit Warlord Shield -7e

    IGN: Classix Sin

  • 59 life on hex / +1 earth (20%chances) Eternal Shield Q9 st vs 40e

    Pm "Hombre Derviche" IG

  • wisp me ingame plz evil arda

  • Hey Cloud if you still want the q9 Skele shield +10vs Undead hit me up in game

    IGN - Alexander Masticus

  • Hey! Got those staff attribute mods for you to pick up whenever you're ready. Is your IGN Cloud Strife?

  • hello I'm available next weekend or evening during the Week (00.00 UTC+1)

  • Hey,I'm the shield salesman (PlagueBorn Q8) contact me when you are available , have a nice day.

    • okay I will be on 2morrow I’ll let you know thanks

  • Ill be on Saturday to pay for those weapons IGN is the Mr Crow

  • Hey! Wanting to close that shields thread and you offered 2e on two q9s. PM me in game, IGN: Alexander Cadogan :)

  • Thank you for the offer on the suntouched spear, I'm afraid I've decided to keep it though. I like it too much!

  • I'm sry to say that but i want to help you , all your items are for merch , except ( maybe ) the mursaat ( if you're very lucky you can get few ectos).

    • lol dam foreal thanks? What about a req9 gloom str shield insc

    • i'm not an expert about insc. weapons , maybe 5-10e , it's very common now...

    • thank you btw

    • okay one more thing a req 9 OS gothic sword 15%-10armor

    • i sold Gothic sword Q9 15^50 for 3e few days ago ( after lot of spam xD) , i think 15-10 is for merch except for Q8. Sometimes collectors need these stats but with better skins than common Gothic sword : )