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    Well, Embark Beach has gone quiet again but there's still so much happening in Guild Wars for me!

    A week or two ago, I finally got to meet Pleikki, the leader of [ppp]. Pleikki and I , together with Zenedar, and Xander (these are the the royalty of [ppp]!), all agreed that I should try to find a nice amber aegis to go with my "dual zealous" weapons. I set my sights on an amber aegis with -2(stance)/+45(stance) and a strength req. Pleikki told me that he only knew of 2 shields like that in the whole game (owned by Zenedar and Coffee Man). Imagine how happy I was when I was able to get one of my very own! I guess there were 3! :D

    So, here is a second shot of me at Embark Beach. I'm standing in the same spot but this time looking out into the sea, remembering some highlights of GW and thinking of what the future might hold. There's a picture of me and Pleikki standing together in Kamadan before he ran away. He's so busy. I'm sure he was off to help a returning player.

    There's also a shot of me with my favorite weapon set. You can see the set itself in the picture below. I made the set look like the text from the intro to every Star Wars movie because my girlfriend and I just watched the Last Jedi. I call her my little Fudgie and I think she would make a great Jedi but she thinks of herself more as a student at Hogwarts. I tell her to shoot for the stars, like I did!

    I also noticed that people are putting guild tags or logos in the corner of their pictures. I think that's a good idea. I made one for [ppp], even though nobody I talked to can tell me what "Poo Pugs Plan" even means. I made it abstract because being literal about "Poo" "Pugs" and "Plan" makes it sound like a small dog who has to think a lot about the bathroom. Well, I guess that would be Pugs Poo Plan or Pugs Plan Poo (which I don't think is true). It's ok, though. It's not [PhD] like the last post (nice hammers!) but that's ok. [ppp] is ok!


    I know that [ppp] is only like the 4th best collecting guild out there but I think that if I keep working hard and collecting items like these, I can help make it like the 2nd or 3rd best in the game.

    I just found out about these 15%/-1 energy regeneration warrior weapons and I love them so I decided that I would make a set of them and start collecting them. Here they are.

    I know my picture isn't as fancy as others but I'm brand new. This is literally my first post. The game seems simple and beautiful and wonderful to me. I was in Embark Beach (not really able to to anywhere because I haven't unlocked other continents yet) but just seeing the people running around, the scenery, and smelling the cool sea breeze, I know I'm going to enjoy this game for a long time. I hope it sticks around.

    Anyway, here's my first set of 15%/-1 energy regeneration warrior weapons. Thanks to Zenedar for inviting me to [ppp] and for selling me the white reaver. I wish I could remember the names of the people who sold me the other things but thank you, too, whoever you are. Maybe you're seeing this?

    I hope this makes [ppp] better!