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    EDIT - I didn't see the SH2 is Strength attribute, I thought it was Tactics, I'm blind, my bad, Red Fireball is right.

    Regarding the other OS shields, put them for auction and see what happens, I'm not into OS market so I have no idea there.

    OS staves if they don't have the inherent HCT and at the same time they have high requirement (q10~13), merch. If they have the inherent HTC 10%, you can scratch 10~15e depending the skin.

    I don't know where to ask this so I leave it here: why ArenaNet did not put shields for sale in Prophecies? the only ones available are the 3 Carapace Shields from collectors and a few others from quest rewards (which are all bad). I don't remember what weapons I had on my warrior in my first account before the release of Factions but I'm sure they had to be pretty bad (the only one I remember was the Razorstone).

    Lazy here since 2011, but lazy that I prefer to buy upgrades that I already have on other characters because I don't want to reroll. I'm like the Spamadan floating palm tree, I have merged myself with the environment like the crew of the Flying Dutchman.

    Great addition wqcefp, I edited my message above crossing out what I said, because this proves I was wrong.

    Then I don't understand what happens with my map, it's really strange. I did not mention other outposts because my memory could be wrong and perhaps I entered with another character (but it shouldn't be because I always played with the same profession), but in the case of The Crag I can assure 1000000% I was inside because that account was the only one doing PvP and with the title, so this is fucked up in some way.

    I'm gonna enter with the other characters, 1 sec.

    EDIT 1: nop, everything is clouded in mine in all the characters, I don't fucking understand. Red Fireball don't trust too much what I have written above (the list I mean), it could be all wrong right now. I edited with a warning message to prevent confusion.

    EDIT 2: wqcefp can you try to enter the outposts using the /tp command of GW Toolbox? You have the Map ID numbers for each one in my post above.

    EDIT 3: I see the LA bug, cool, I didn't know, thanks for the pictures.

    do you have Tex Mod and the Cartography made easy package so you could provide us with screens of how the relevant section look now on the mentioned char? that' be beyond great!

    Yes, but this character only unlocked the essentials of the game to advance to the end, it was only used for Arenas and HA, so it has the Tyrian Explorer at 67.0%

    I checked this textures:

    and only the 2017 Edition has the areas marked, but everything is cloudy again, so they reverted the map exploration and covered the zones again it seems.

    I don't know if the % of map exploration was reduced from the progress bar when they covered the zones again, if anyone knows of any case in the whole GW history where a title has been reverted or reduced with an update, let us know please.

    Edit: wqcefp has the map discovered, so this problem only happens in my map for some reason that I don't understand.

    I remember pretty well being inside The Crag's outpost because there was a bridge similar to the one in Ember Light Camp that led to nowhere behind the lava mountain, and the outpost itself was above the fight zone like Alliance Battles, so I can assure 100% the map was registered and fully explored, but right now this is how it looks like (the notes in the picture are from the texture, not mine):


    And this was the outpost.

    Left : picture from the wiki

    Right : my marks



    I searched inside the Black Falcon Games website and look what I've found:

    GIF comparison: gallery | outpost | arena



    another point: has anyone been here on 2006 dec 15th and explored the entireity of Lions Arch map and could provide the same screens?

    I don't know about this, what do you mean with "entireity"? Isn't it possible today to fully explore it? Something was different in the past?

    do you know what happened to those who had accessed the arena outposts and cartographed the arena maps? I think they can still acces the outposts and the map is still revealed (both for the outpost and the arena map) most of them being inaccessible and hence not cartographable - correct?

    As far as I know when the outpost was removed everybody that was inside was moved and absolutely nobody can travel to it anymore. I know that I had access to it on my oldest character, maybe not the very old individual outpost but at least the competition arena and I definitively can't access it nowadays. Maybe some people who have account even older can also contribute but I don't thing it's accessible to anyone.

    For the cartography part, well it's some extra % for them but Prophecies is notorious for having a lot of leeway in the cartography so at the end of the day some 0,1% aren't a big deal.

    From an old account, this is what I can contribute:

    Account creation: May 2005
    Character type: PvE
    Character campaign: Prophecies
    Arenas Rank (current): Fierce Gladiator (R2 = 1200 points)

    This was the first character created on this account that was doing Arenas and PvP mainly and entered in all the arenas available in its moment.

    I checked each one with Toolbox and this is how it is now in this account:

    WARNING - Take this with a grain of salt, could be totally wrong since wqcefp proved that he does still have them discovered.

    ● Competition Arenas (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: no

    /tp 65 (teleport erased)

    D'Alessio Arena (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: no

    /tp 318, 339 (all teleports disabled)

    Amnoon Arena (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: yes

    /tp 182, 319, 340 (all teleports disabled)

    Fort Koga (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: no

    /tp 180, 320, 341 (all teleports disabled)

    Team Arenas (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: yes

    /tp 189 (teleport disabled)

    Deldrimor Arena (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: yes

    /tp 183 (teleport disabled)

    The Crag (outpost) -

    travel button icon: no (deleted)

    map discovered: no

    /tp 184 (teleport disabled)

    Ascalon Arena (outpost) -

    travel button icon: yes

    map discovered: yes

    /tp 85 (teleport available)

    /tp 308 (teleport disabled) probably because it's the pre-Searing Arena, but I don't have a character there right now to check it

    Shiverpeak Arena (outpost) -

    travel button icon: yes

    map discovered: yes

    /tp 181 (teleport available)

    /tp 314 (teleport available but it kicks you) probably the "Dwayna vs Grenth" or snowball arena

    /tp 322 (teleport disabled)

    /tp 343 (teleport disabled)