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    Correct me if I’m wrong but that great axe is q8 6-28 which should make it prenerf right?

    Wouldn’t a prenerf max damage + max wanted inherent be way more than 7-10a?

    Even if the shield are tested, lets say there is still a chance u can get a -2stance / -2ench + 10 creature or + 10 earth/fire etc...

    Of course, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking for the seller to let these slip through and not bother testing every creature just to not totally blow their cover.

    Just like the allies did when they cracked the enigma code in WW2... they had to occasionally let german assaults pass through just so that they didn’t suspect that their coms had been compromised.

    Let’s just call them calculated losses :D

    As long as they can cherry pick the +30/45 +10 creatures etc it’s still a big win.

    the 1% is hard to spot out when unidented but will effect the value a lot after ident

    True, didn’t actually think about the 1% :D

    But still, it would allow the seller to gamble with a much narrower pool of insc. and then sell everything else as “unid”.

    You’re practically narrowing down your staves to either 9/10 hct or 19/20 hct, which in my book is still a big win.

    Absolutely! The game is too old to be coodling anyone.

    For every player who actually thinks like this, theres one that wants to help others.

    That’s why this forum, and every GW forum/wiki exists.

    And to be fair, it’s not too obvious to know that un-id items actually have their bonuses already rolled, just that the text isn’t revealed without using an identification kit to “ID” them.


    Why not?

    Why does trade mods exist then?

    They've clearly put boundaries up earlier when the potential to scam is high.

    The tyriant serpent axe is a great example. You cannot know if you've bought the advertised item until you equip it, and that's too late.

    The whole concept behind "un-id" stuff is that the mods on the items haven't been identified yet, and that the seller is selling the gamble to someone else for a more stable income rather than the rare holy grail drop.

    Testing the shields and then excluding shields that give +30/45 hp from the package sales kills the whole concept. You're actively excluding shields that might actually be worth something. And as crayon showed, you can even go one step further to test the -2 w/e or stance mods aswell.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again;

    the potential to scam players this way is too high to not be on a sticky or outright banned from the forum.

    You're far too liberal with the word scam when you admitted yourself you have no proof that there is a scam happening.

    Reading comprehension isn't your best side I see. I clearly said potential scam. And since there is no way to prove that it is a scam, we are discussing precautions that could be taken to at least let the buyer be informed that they're POTENTIALLY buying items that have been tested and they aren't as "un-id" as they thought they were.

    Ignorance is not an excuse!

    This game can't really be pulling in 'new' players anymore, and anyone worth their salt should know the tricks on the trade when it comes to trade in GW.

    Sorry but what?

    This isn't a "goldmaking" discussion where you can share "tips" and "tricks".

    This is about a potential scam that we cannot prove.

    If you wanna sugarcoat ugly scams as "tricks of the trade" that's on you but I want it to be clear that it absolutely is a scam.

    Cherrypicking shields with mods that can potentially be holy grails and excluding them from package sales is scamming.

    Agreed. But looking at the market, the best selling (by far) shields are the +30/+45 hp ones. The last q9t +45 demon shield sold for 200 arms? I believe it was a bladed one. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    That’s more than enough arms to be a big problem that needs to be addressed.

    The worst part about this imo is the fact that in conventional scams, you realise that you’ve been scammed after the fact, but in this case, you will never be able to tell if the scammer doesn’t confess. And how often will that happen?

    There's absolutely no way to know if they have been checked or not. So if these unid-package sellers are checking their shields, the chances of them getting caught scamming people (let's face it, it is without a doubt a scam if you sell shields that you've checked the stats on) are ZERO. They just have to say "no, I haven't checked them" and there's nothing else you can do.

    And since GOOD dual modded max shields are so rare, it's not hard for the seller to say "better luck next time" when you've bought 5 packages without a single good shield. There's literally NOTHING you can do to stop getting scammed this way.

    I occasionally buy unid-packages just for fun when they're not batshit expensive, but I do it fully aware of that I can get scammed and that I'll never even find out if I did get scammed or not.

    I wouldn't mind if the mods banned the sales of unid-shields, but I do not know how they see at the matter. To be fair, the forum is potentially being used to scam other GW players.

    For me, the LEAST mods could do is to put a sticky like the tyrian serpent axe sticky they've got, so people can themselves decide if they wanna take the risk or not.


    My first 20/19 useful wand... Hopefully next one will be 20/20

    Still a good start for the day!

    So you know how people always say: "be careful of what you wish for"?

    Well I wasn't specific enough with my wish and the RNGods played a nice joke on me.


    For future reference, there's core staves for every attribute. Dark tendril staves are the core skin for blood magic, which makes them quite common.

    But the biggest downside lies in the fact that they can't roll a HCT outside of the necro class, which makes it WAY easier to get a matching 20/20 one.

    Even perfect q9 20/20 (matching) are a hard sell, so I wouldn't bother with them.

    The only core skin that I know of which is rare is probably the core earh staff (obsidian skin).