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    Here is the entire list set from wiki - just in case others wouldn't know :)

    Oooh thank you! Would it be helpful/useful you think to add a link to that in the sheet? I have no issue linking to the wiki for these things and ultimately would like a bit of an intermediary resource that is able to fill the gaps that the wiki doesn't quite do the best with, while highlighting the stuff it's really great at because some of the things are fantastic, and others simply are limitations of the format.

    Heya friends o/

    Not really sure where else to put this sort of thing so figured I'd try here. Lately I've been grinding away at a few projects, one of them has been a Quest Collection Checklist, I wanted the ability to track every quest in the game and that's pretty hard to do since there really wasn't much out there that I could find, so I created this:

    Guild Wars Quest Collection Checklist

    Previously I'd focused on Pre-Searing and then did all of Prophecies, but I wanted to go a bit further, I wanted to get EVERY quest in the game, because ... maybe there are completionists like me who just can't stop collecting/gathering everything in a game :eyes

    Here is a preview of how it looks, at the top is a navigation section where you can go to whichever quest line you are working on


    I hope this is helpful to someone ^^

    Please let me know if there are things I missed I'll work on getting them added as soon as I can

    Hey friends o/

    I'm here with another spreadsheet no one asked for, but here is my take on a Skill Collection Checklist for Guild Wars Prophecies!

    It is currently a work in progress, but I will have some more time to work on it this weekend and am hoping to actually finish the Prophecies side of it soon ^^


    Edit 1: Warrior and Elementalist lists are now complete

    Edit 2: Completed the rest of the prophecies profession as well as added an Elite Spell Hunter so if you are going for the title there is an easy way to track that too. Let me know if there are any other improvements/adjustments you guys would like to see.

    Edit 3: I've decided to do a revamp of these tools and for those who enjoyed the Quest Completion Checklist, it can be found here

    for those who enjoyed the Skill Collection Checklist it can be found here

    Going forward I'm going to try and keep all of my stuff consolidated into just one spreadsheet for these projects if it's possible, that'll look like this

    Hey friends o/

    Did a bit of house cleaning and expanded on this list a little, enjoy!

    **Edit 1 08-26-2021**

    - added conditional formatting colors to the primary quest field

    - added a column to track if you picked up the quest, so you can see which you've picked up versus completed

    - color-coded profession-based quests appropriately

    - alternating row colors where applicable

    Hey friends o/

    Another quick guide here for farming Red Iris Flowers in Pre-Searing

    Go take a look ^^

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