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  • hey if u sell for r/b celestial dom staff pm me ign la ptite moinete

  • hello r/b or b/o celestial staff dom 20/20?

    • hi,

      no b/o, but r/b will be added timely

  • hey how much u need for celestial staff

    • Xi Sui Hi, if ya still interested in the clestial staff from my PC-Thread, feel free to have a look here, as it's up for sale now

  • Hey, i'll totally take afew of those grim cestas off your hands. let me know when you're going to be online. i added the IGN you have in the thread.

    Thanks! looking forward to getting a few

    • hey. thanks. i'm online right now and again around 19:00 - 20:00. what's ya time zone? I'm UTC +2