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  • Swordsmanship rune is yours if you still want it

  • yo dude, you still want the q8 wicked blade? if so, please give me your IGN

  • hey there, just wondering what kinda price youre looking for on the kepkhets. im gonna look thru the 20+ i got scattered on heros and check if any of those are different, so i didnt want to bid until i did that. but just curious how much your looking to get from it. thanks in advance!


    • update: ok, so two of the ones i had were old ones. one customized for my monk, another ive just added to my collection. still curious as to how much you want tho. theres someone else doing the whole "collect all greens" thing and he may not have it. hes helped me out a good bit, so id possible buy it as a gift for him if the price is right. thanks again in advance!


    • I'm not sure, you'll have to place a bid. Not too much info on this one