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  • Hey, you wrote an answer below my price check request, but it was deletet.

    You wanted to make an offer for one of the items?

  • Hey, got an Echovald Shield (gold, max, 12tactic), -2/stance & 10armor earth, Value 400g. Make me an offer if interested! ;)

  • Hi I'm curious why 300 400 gold items worth more? I've seen ppl in game looking for these as well. Thanks

    • The people that look in game you can check is only one person on kamadan tradechat. And that person is me :) I got ~16 messages for Weapons, Shields and Sets I look on certain Gold Values. Atm I am on vacation and will return in a week so atm it should be quiet. But when I am back the search continues. PS: I am quite active on the project and look multiple hours each day that's why the items seem so high in search and demand. Wich they are. For me :D

      PS: for proof you can add my in-game name I linked here in my signature and then try to copie the name from the guy out of trade chat. When u try to add that one it will show "you allrdy added that player under the name O Sim Sala Bim O" or you can also check the reborn Monk YouTube Video"one of a kind collector" (title named by him not by me BTW)

    • Haha nice ok. Have a great vacation see if I can scoop up or collect any for ya 😁

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