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  • i can sell you the oni-blade Q9 +5E for 375e :)

    online in perhaps 6 hours.

    ING: Made By Hate

    • sounds good, im working today but ill hop on when i can

    • Just tell me your ing :) iam online now.

  • My IGN is Fear To Justice (q12 +5e oni blade)

  • my IGN is Oo Black Sun Oo

  • Hey, you bough my Zippy, when we can meet us in game ?

  • Hey, still interested in the EL transmogrifier ?

  • hey there. At work now but should be on in around 3hrs to pick up the hex eternal if you're still online. Thanks!

  • You win my Celestial Shield for 60e if you are still interested. Hit me up IGN Dietere Stabby

  • Hey, you bought my shield, pls send me your ign! ;)

  • :p